now that the girl is 5

hi all! i’m back…i think.

lots of love and life have transpired since i last visited these pages. i look forward to doing a little catch-up but the most fun development in our corner of the universe is that darla marie is now 5.  a whole hand!

i must say 5 suits her very well. she’s grown up a lot in these last few months. out of nowhere she has these manners and courtesies that i can only attribute to the 5 hours of my little pony she watches everyday thanks to this winter that has killeth my soul.

anyway, it makes me so very excited to learn more about the person she’s becoming. i love her quite mostly.

this brief post is all i have for now but i’d like to leave you with a visual update which i titled A Study of Child with Ice cream Cone:
 photo A817B57D-6B66-4184-A93E-79825FF14686-3448-000002468E96750A_zps7a0fccb4.jpg photo 3DEC4CE9-68FC-4F44-A487-980C35FD0A7A-3448-0000024696001BF7_zpsccd5d5c6.jpg photo F7D537DC-DC3F-4BC7-8318-BAAD31B3A3F9-3448-000002469C8663C3_zps2682da66.jpg photo 5A8C6C69-8A32-48EC-A1ED-94D973C9688F-3448-00000246A36F5C49_zpsb2ebc61d.jpg photo 08DE0550-A295-4837-81C3-81D6D977E8C9-3448-00000246A9FB5E8F_zps36b6e5a2.jpg photo 41E1B8B6-506D-4A67-941B-7B19D5EACFCC-3448-00000246B05EE5EF_zps975fb3bc.jpg

1. child shows excitement at procurement of ice cream cone.

2. child takes pause for sillyness

3. child remembers the task at hand, moves in, calculating optimal eating approach

4. sugar has now been introduced to child’s bloodstream. a brief glaze over the eyes appears

5. child looses all inhibitions and really goes for it

6. child offers up small token of approval and appreciation


 photo 8750F0B8-A794-4833-9C9D-636F35B123D8-23263-000013D499286F51_zps5a2293eb.jpg photo B898BFEF-118D-4F93-88F8-D4D8BFA4D29B-23263-000013D49053D3A4_zpsf1847e58.jpg photo 6E6A6591-92ED-45D1-9017-E419F76CC486-23263-000013D4952B1C23_zps8f11f5b7.jpg

hi all,

life has been rolling on as usual here. i haven’t been doing the weekly updates or any updates b/c guess what, life is bat shit cray cray busy right now. just like your life. you’re spending your online hours shopping last-minute deals anyway so my bloggy’s feelings are not hurt from the neglect from both you and i.

but we are crazy busy and yeah, overwhelmed with holidayness. i’m currently waiting on some ladies makin’ babies and supporting a couple in their early postpartum period so birthwork has me runnin’ round this town.

so since we’re all overwhelmed and i’m in bed every night at 8 due to the 5pm darkness let’s just make an agreement that we’ll all regroup in this space after the new year and maybe try some new directions here in this space. sound good? great!

i think i have one last post that’s been rollin’ around in me brain that i’ll clumsily type out before the end of the year.

but other than that, be safe, be well and when all else fails, give ’em hell!

friends, i’m sending hugs for the holidays and a butt pinch for new year’s! xoxoxo

weekending 48

 photo D912C63C-45E8-4F6D-B184-79927ED3E8AD-13669-00000B801C54626A_zps30c985aa.jpg

i’m a having a little bit of a hard time with that week 48 part. i can’t believe we’re here on the doorstep of week 49. just a few more weeks before 2013 is on the books.

i’m here to let you know i will be very boring for the remainder of the year and the beginning of 2014. my weeks and weekends will sound like this: “i stayed inside and drank some hot tea and played uno with my child and read and watched fantasy movies. that’s all.” and i’m ok with that. that’s what winter is for when you live in the midwest.

the weekend was low key, with a lovely visit from my mother who in turn took darla to stay in indiana for a few days. i’m having a hard time with how big D is these days. that may as well be a picture of her packed up to go to college. i think it may be the seasonal change b/c all i want her to do is cuddle up with me and just be. i just want to hold her and maybe watch a movie or read or talk or sleep but she won’t. she never stops moving and her perpetual motion reminds me too deeply these days that it’s all going by too fast. i want to work on my practices of being present and fully enjoying each moment as it passes b/c suddenly she’s five and sometimes i seriously think i’m going to go batshit crazy thinking about how fast the next years are going to go. i have grey hair now. and speaking of hair, the fuzz on my upper lip is somehow getting longer and my wrinkles that used to only come out when i smiled are now there at all times. doesn’t time just break your heart?  does anyone want to get together to have a cry circle?

well that was a nice little pick-me-up huh? i hope you had a lovely weekend. i hope you made some wonderful holiday memories.

week 48

life moments from week 48

 photo 88EABED2-4D7F-4A4B-BDC8-14E8900A8FBE-12736-000009D88E4B6DF6_zpse153dc4d.jpgsnow angels

 photo 0FAAC0A2-A8FC-4CE1-962B-D1B68EACDDED-12736-000009D8929BDC21_zps4880f765.jpgprepping a tasty bean soup

 photo 0756197E-8644-408A-AA14-A4784FA8A6DD-12736-000009D89679AB0B_zps1e5638cc.jpgsnow cupcakes

 photo 2956954D-C83C-40F7-AAC9-C7EA94854F91-12736-000009D89ACC39C1_zps9f9de0cf.jpgvisiting shrum mound

you’ll notice a theme to this week. it’s the week snow officially entered our lives for the final season of the year. it’s here and it brings mixed feelings. i honestly love snow and have always loved winter. however, i am not a fan of how modern man interacts with this season.

i see winter as a time of natural introspection. i see it as a time when the outside world is supposed to shut down and things should turn inward. these months are meant for quiet reflection next to a fire, snuggled up with loved ones telling stories or reading books. i wish everyone would just make the decision to stop going out into the flurries and hunker down for winter. but that’s not going to happen in this world anymore. not when local economies are now entwined with business that takes place in areas of the globe that may never see snowfall.

but i’ll do my best this winter to hold the season in the way i see fit for me. this means warm drinks, layered socks, russian novels, and days spent indoors.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and good luck with this kick-off to winter, even though solstice is still a few weeks away. i think it’s going to be a long one this year.

weekending 47

 photo FA5F7FF3-C943-4EFE-881B-5B19C3334AD1-10167-000007876633951C_zps206ff973.jpg photo 8F96ED9B-082F-4A61-AF88-1765CCE00EB8-10167-000007876A821AD4_zpsf39516e5.jpg

we’re settled in enough to be able to make biscuits and bacon. that’s good enough for me.

friends, we’re kinda settling into a midwestern winter over here. i’ve been trying to deny it but temps are getting low and we’re getting snow flurries on the regular. d’s already in the christmas spirit and even though i feel too discombobulated to be fully there myself, i’m enjoying the yuletide tunes on the radio and christmas movies making their way into our rotation.

i know these last five weeks of the year are going to really give me a run for my money. kinda literally. i’ll be running all over this town for clients. plus christmas. plus my wonderful part-time job. and other commitments. and it’s all very overwhelming when most of my life is still in boxes and totes.

but for now i can enjoy things like a little biscuit baker, bedroom dance parties, sunday morning movies, 5 year-olds delighting in snowfall, and bacon. always, always bacon.

week 47

 photo BD3DB028-F3F4-495F-BE3C-F0A5A9C2C6D1-8584-00000658860A7C65_zpsaf576e18.jpg photo C422CC1C-4601-44F8-9F3F-768FB5090ADE-8584-000006587DBE04D0_zps32f541eb.jpg photo BE423EF9-CA57-4542-8D3A-0DB91CC92004-8584-000006586B4EEAB3_zps385ef5ec.jpg photo FA810E4A-9E80-457D-AFA1-76FABEF9A6AF-8584-000006588220337C_zpsea7a49a7.jpg

i’m going to break here so i can discuss the difference between everything  ▲▲▲above▲▲▲ and everthing ▼▼▼below▼▼▼

these first four pics are from our monday, the day this week i was a good mother. we got out with our besties to look at the beautiful bison at batelle darby creek metro park. it was a really great day of nature centering, trail walking, rock skipping and fish net building.

i must explain that fourth photo a bit. that is darla having more than a moment with the snowshoe hare pelt. i don’t know what it was about the snowshoe hare that made it more special to her than all the other carcasses but she was quite emotional about it. she sang to it. people, she sang to this dead animal fur and told it she wanted it to come back to life. it is life occurrences like this that make me very scared about what the future holds, or very intrigued. a little of both, i guess.

and it’s a good thing i got us out on monday because i feel like i did maybe less than average for the rest of the week. it seems like i just couldn’t get us to things on time and was a day late and a dollar short on everything. the look on darla’s face below is how i felt all week. there’s so much to be done and figured out in this life and i feel lost under it all. it’s nice to see darla has her balance b/c i don’t. the rest of you make it look so easy. you really do!

 photo E15F2387-290F-4F98-B3E4-B899218ADCCA-8584-000006588F3A65FB_zpsb2da6cfe.jpg photo E99BD7DF-7923-49EB-AEFC-45FC03BE21CD-8584-000006588A2B1753_zps34f0b77a.jpg

but i’m trying to just give things time. and be thankful for the good moments that were mixed in even if i was a less than stellar human being this week.

weekending 46

 photo F0589C20-7259-453E-B8C7-9D1942947552-6280-0000048E7E4FF9C2_zps9e0afbbc.jpg photo B7A1E58F-3EE9-474A-82B8-9F8A9FFF6680-6280-0000048E5CE0DA5E_zps6c5faf61.jpg photo BB52615E-83EC-4785-B951-2045BB9B5C2F-6280-0000048E9CE65EF9_zps9bfdb86c.jpg photo FF8FA9D5-5D34-48F1-A5CC-2C1DF66E5E56-6280-0000048E922048CB_zps0be0a5ad.jpg photo E8FA8F73-2F72-478B-995C-24DF04FDD8CB-6280-0000048E9848403C_zps0266c375.jpg

this is going to sound like such bullshit, but i had a really good time moving this weekend.

i can say that b/c i wasn’t the one lifting all our ridiculously heavy furniture.

moving teaches you a few things about yourself. it shows you how you get through a stressful time with the most important people in your life. it shows you how much pointless stuff you own. it shows you how dirty you actually live your everyday life. it also shows you how truly amazing your friends are. i cannot thank our friends enough for hauling our stuff all over this town for a third time. i’m hoping we’ll stay put at this place for a while.

at least that is what this move revealed to me.

my darla girl was such a trooper and i think it’s safe to say she loves the new house. we still have so much work to do to get life back in order, and i feel i’m drowning in all the things i need to get done {speaking of which why am i blogging instead of doing said things?} but i feel really, very happy.

even if i am a little anxious to get life back in order and settled in for a little winter hibernation.

i hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend. good luck with week 47!

week 46

 photo 1ABCE38F-23F1-419D-BB91-E7FD8895A9D9-2426-000001A68EF1640F_zpse64194ea.jpg photo 44D9E391-031D-4DFE-8265-F320C74581B7-2426-000001A69CD36886_zpsb2fca9a1.jpg photo 63845176-9BE8-48FE-9637-D3008FC5E4EC-2426-000001A697EFC8D8_zps38577d5d.jpg photo E0FA784D-99F3-4FEA-A33A-8DFEF0AFB89E-4295-00000320D06B55AE_zpsf0ee26fc.jpg photo 65951792-5BE2-4534-B194-D5D3821D6DC3-3176-0000023853173502_zps516ec85c.jpg photo 6351E716-A1F5-4E4B-9ED8-2DE065810F8B-3176-000002384C7268C7_zpsd3d4ddae.jpg photo 86AEADCC-42D0-4F53-85AF-BB30831E3AD4-4295-00000320D51ABC28_zps784beddf.jpg photo 85AA8221-C068-4A28-A1D0-C306B4DC6214-4764-00000383F31A8087_zps8fdff7e7.jpg

i bet you know what i’m going to talk about with week 46. yes, we’re still moving. 4.5 year olds and two adults with multiple jobs and only one shared day off a week make it hard to get a quick move done. plus, we’ve been doing a lot to make the place a bit our own. darla is finding places for her things and had fun testing out her new chalkboard door. i brought home a new little green friend and trying to figure out how to have a plethora of plants in the house without spending too much money. any good house plant suggestions?

i’m looking forward to becoming regulars at all the clintonville spots but some of them might be quite dangerous for us. we visited pattycake bakery this week and treated ourselves to spelt brownies and vegan buckeye bars.

as far as unschooling, darla started a new ballet class this week. other than that her learning has been concentrated on our house stuff. she’s been a helping with painting projects and errands. getting back to days filled with outings is a major motivator to get this move over and done with for me.

we all slept in this morning and I think it was much-needed. Darla was in our bed when we woke up. that hasn’t happened in a while and it reminded me of how much fun mornings used to be during our bedsharing days.

thanks, week 46. you’ve been good to us even if you did kick our butts.

happy weekending!

week 45

this week has been one as such that i may not even be able to find the words to compose a coherent blog post. it won’t be that much different than any of my other posts in that way.

this week has been postpartums and prenatals, meetings and date nights, work, packing, painting, early morning walks and tacos twice! i’ve gotten some extra friend time in too with lady dates and friends being willing to stop by and lend a hand at the new place. people are going to get sooooo sick of me asking for help with the new place. i even won tix to the dr. dog show last night. so, it’s been a great week but dang man, shoot.

but now i have to tell you about the most important thing that has happened to me this week: my discovery and purchase of this Fergie lipstick.

i know. i know. i’ve never been that impressed by her before but i would fight some broads over this new lipstick of mine. it was less than $2! fergie!! thank you!!!

just look at how boring those pictures look without darla girl. i can’t wait for my favorite subject to return tonight. we will frolic all weekend and then you can look forward to a special edition of weekending on monday.

speaking of weekending, i better say good-bye. sending you my best and positive energy for a great weekend. adios amigos!

 photo E6936705-A956-4B0D-A81C-76BECCC89CAD-5954-000004BA23FFE2D5_zps47dc81ba.jpg photo 774D31BC-15EE-4590-9A8E-8BDC822D9879-5954-000004BA1C1858E5_zps6cccde39.jpg photo 2D393402-BC6C-4F5D-AF77-EE89BCEF887B-5954-000004BA201747ED_zpsf2488284.jpg photo 91366E03-FEE3-46A0-8B46-F1E289169A82-5954-000004BA113084A4_zpsc91d9d3e.jpg photo 2389670B-CD0A-499E-AFFC-F32911BFCDE7-5954-000004BA064D5F90_zpsc3bf4f03.jpg photo CD923C2C-5E03-4652-96A0-1E64BF86C358-5954-000004BA0C5558B4_zps2992191f.jpg photo 672128DF-3A77-46B9-8A27-113A98D0BB97-6379-000004F5FDB81906_zpsc1ef654b.jpg

this house is clean


big life events for the wruckers: we’re moving!

we are moving to the part of columbus that we’ve found we spend the most time, we have a good amount of friends there and we’re hopeful it will be the right fit for us.

i spent my day cleaning and cleansing our new space. this was the first time i have saged a house before we moved and i really enjoyed it. whether the act works or not {although i’ve experienced it twice now and feel that it does} is beside the point. the essence of it, at least for me, is the ceremony of it and the devotion of myself to the new space. it feels good to know that i put a little bit of my energy and wishes into the house before i start painting, bringing in boxes and making changes.

i look forward to sharing more of our life from our new place. our moving process gets to be a bit more lax this time so stay tuned as to when we make the final jump.

hurrah for life changes!


the sage smudge sticks i used found here.