learning how to share

dear friends, family & fans,

thanks, as always, for reading my blog and being a source of encouragement. i have no idea why some of you have stuck with me for so long but thank you just the same.

many of you might have read about facebook’s upcoming changes to their algorithm that affects how pages such as MomJeanz share new posts with their fans. right now about 8-10% of a page’s fanbase organically sees a post. the upcoming changes will limit our audiences to about 1-2% viewing for those pages who do not pay to promote a post.

say what?!

now i would love to be able to pay to promote my posts and grow my readership but that’s just not feasible or financially smart for a hobby blog such as mine.

there are a couple of things you can do as readers to stay up on MomJeanz action and help circulate new posts: 1. you can hover over the “like” button on my blog page and click on “get notifications”. Keep in mind, this means you will get a notification for every post i make. this option is good for the hard-core MomJeanz fan who wants to keep close tabs on our doings {mom, this one’s for you} 2. OR you can just visit the MomJeanz page, frequently, and comment on or share the posts. the more interactions a post has, the more it will show up in the feed of others, organically. 3. OORRR you could add MomJeanz to your blog feeds. i use bloglovin’ for organizing my blogs but another one is called Feedly {both have free apps as well}. and then you can share your favorite MomJeanz posts to your Facebook page. yay!

of course, you can always do none of these things. but fyi, soon your feed will be full of a lot more posts, articles, and links from businesses that have paid to be in your face and there will be a lot less of the actual things that you want in your face…in your face.

i hope you will choose to stay in touch with this blog. if you haven’t liked the facebook page for my bloggity then come on over and do so. thanks for reading as always. you’re a gem. a real diamond in the rough.



 photo 7D03B043-EA68-47E4-B0B7-C186BA654679-958-0000008FCA310BEE_zps536a8295.jpg photo 9FA5DFB2-B12B-4194-9BE2-190713313293-958-0000008FDB051078_zps167c482b.jpg photo FBA4E3AB-28D3-4CA6-9FA1-7CEA9BD119FA-958-0000008FD0A55DB9_zps78fef637.jpg photo 713F8D30-F799-4C81-A910-84A5501BACA2-958-0000008FD5CD9C22_zps96f01759.jpg  photo BC32F234-5B90-433B-B5AE-9DF5BE11FAD3-1384-000000BE84F6F645_zpscbc67662.jpg
 photo 3DF31E64-9EEF-4B0B-A8F8-67B3AA903A3C-1635-000001997B3F989C_zps3d992885.jpg photo 013F944A-2667-46EE-BAB9-65B71485562A-1635-0000019974088208_zpsb571cc5a.jpg

look at that sunny weekend! finalllllllllllllllly. we have sunshine back in our lives.

here’s my view from some of the further nesting and weekend doings we had going on:

finished darla’s dream catcher so now both my babies will have sweet dreams, had some quiet catch-up-on-work time, rubbed some old paint on some old pots and made them over like new, brewed up a tasty batch of veggie broth, wore eyeliner for the first time in a long time out for a ladies bday taco fest, cheered on the beard while he ran a High FiveK in perfect spring weather.

it was all very domestic and friend/family centric and full of spring time magic. sending you poz vibes for your week!

Bun in the {L}oven


think you know what this picture means? other than that i need to give the inside of our oven door a scrub down?

Well, it only seems appropriate that on this day of love i disclose to the webiverse that this summer we’re going to have a new little wrucker to love on. 

i gots a bun in my loven oven! 

yeah, i just called it a loven oven and what’s more is i’ve used that term with clients before. i am nothing if not tactful and professional.

do you guys know what this means? this gets to turn into a pregnancy blog! the internet needs more of them! there aren’t enough out there.

but in all seriousness, i do plan on documenting this pregnancy here. now that i do birth work it’s been quite a different experience for me. it’s been a good one. it’s put me back in the shoes of my clients, reminding me what this simultaneous state of power and vulnerability feels like.  to put it bluntly i’ve had to put my money where my mouth is. i am experiencing again how hard it can be as a woman in our society to trust in my body. i am experiencing the overwhelming amounts of information out there that requires sifting through to discover the best, informed plan for my family.

i’m reminded of what it feels like for a tiny human to be an acrobat inside you and to feel ferociously determined to protect and provide for that person with each nudge and kick. 

so, we’re on our way to becoming a family of four. darla has BIG plans for her and this new babe. we told her on her 5th birthday and she was absolutely the sweetest to me. when she got her bike for her birthday she said “but where are we going to put the baby seat?” which filled me with fear of what i’m going to have to intercept down the road {bike pun!} and happiness that she sees toting a baby on her bike as normal, since that is what she experienced.

well, happy valentine’s day to all. sending you love vibes to you and yours from the growing ours.

now that the girl is 5

hi all! i’m back…i think.

lots of love and life have transpired since i last visited these pages. i look forward to doing a little catch-up but the most fun development in our corner of the universe is that darla marie is now 5.  a whole hand!

i must say 5 suits her very well. she’s grown up a lot in these last few months. out of nowhere she has these manners and courtesies that i can only attribute to the 5 hours of my little pony she watches everyday thanks to this winter that has killeth my soul.

anyway, it makes me so very excited to learn more about the person she’s becoming. i love her quite mostly.

this brief post is all i have for now but i’d like to leave you with a visual update which i titled A Study of Child with Ice cream Cone:
 photo A817B57D-6B66-4184-A93E-79825FF14686-3448-000002468E96750A_zps7a0fccb4.jpg photo 3DEC4CE9-68FC-4F44-A487-980C35FD0A7A-3448-0000024696001BF7_zpsccd5d5c6.jpg photo F7D537DC-DC3F-4BC7-8318-BAAD31B3A3F9-3448-000002469C8663C3_zps2682da66.jpg photo 5A8C6C69-8A32-48EC-A1ED-94D973C9688F-3448-00000246A36F5C49_zpsb2ebc61d.jpg photo 08DE0550-A295-4837-81C3-81D6D977E8C9-3448-00000246A9FB5E8F_zps36b6e5a2.jpg photo 41E1B8B6-506D-4A67-941B-7B19D5EACFCC-3448-00000246B05EE5EF_zps975fb3bc.jpg

1. child shows excitement at procurement of ice cream cone.

2. child takes pause for sillyness

3. child remembers the task at hand, moves in, calculating optimal eating approach

4. sugar has now been introduced to child’s bloodstream. a brief glaze over the eyes appears

5. child looses all inhibitions and really goes for it

6. child offers up small token of approval and appreciation


 photo 8750F0B8-A794-4833-9C9D-636F35B123D8-23263-000013D499286F51_zps5a2293eb.jpg photo B898BFEF-118D-4F93-88F8-D4D8BFA4D29B-23263-000013D49053D3A4_zpsf1847e58.jpg photo 6E6A6591-92ED-45D1-9017-E419F76CC486-23263-000013D4952B1C23_zps8f11f5b7.jpg

hi all,

life has been rolling on as usual here. i haven’t been doing the weekly updates or any updates b/c guess what, life is bat shit cray cray busy right now. just like your life. you’re spending your online hours shopping last-minute deals anyway so my bloggy’s feelings are not hurt from the neglect from both you and i.

but we are crazy busy and yeah, overwhelmed with holidayness. i’m currently waiting on some ladies makin’ babies and supporting a couple in their early postpartum period so birthwork has me runnin’ round this town.

so since we’re all overwhelmed and i’m in bed every night at 8 due to the 5pm darkness let’s just make an agreement that we’ll all regroup in this space after the new year and maybe try some new directions here in this space. sound good? great!

i think i have one last post that’s been rollin’ around in me brain that i’ll clumsily type out before the end of the year.

but other than that, be safe, be well and when all else fails, give ’em hell!

friends, i’m sending hugs for the holidays and a butt pinch for new year’s! xoxoxo

weekending 48

 photo D912C63C-45E8-4F6D-B184-79927ED3E8AD-13669-00000B801C54626A_zps30c985aa.jpg

i’m a having a little bit of a hard time with that week 48 part. i can’t believe we’re here on the doorstep of week 49. just a few more weeks before 2013 is on the books.

i’m here to let you know i will be very boring for the remainder of the year and the beginning of 2014. my weeks and weekends will sound like this: “i stayed inside and drank some hot tea and played uno with my child and read and watched fantasy movies. that’s all.” and i’m ok with that. that’s what winter is for when you live in the midwest.

the weekend was low key, with a lovely visit from my mother who in turn took darla to stay in indiana for a few days. i’m having a hard time with how big D is these days. that may as well be a picture of her packed up to go to college. i think it may be the seasonal change b/c all i want her to do is cuddle up with me and just be. i just want to hold her and maybe watch a movie or read or talk or sleep but she won’t. she never stops moving and her perpetual motion reminds me too deeply these days that it’s all going by too fast. i want to work on my practices of being present and fully enjoying each moment as it passes b/c suddenly she’s five and sometimes i seriously think i’m going to go batshit crazy thinking about how fast the next years are going to go. i have grey hair now. and speaking of hair, the fuzz on my upper lip is somehow getting longer and my wrinkles that used to only come out when i smiled are now there at all times. doesn’t time just break your heart?  does anyone want to get together to have a cry circle?

well that was a nice little pick-me-up huh? i hope you had a lovely weekend. i hope you made some wonderful holiday memories.

week 48

life moments from week 48

 photo 88EABED2-4D7F-4A4B-BDC8-14E8900A8FBE-12736-000009D88E4B6DF6_zpse153dc4d.jpgsnow angels

 photo 0FAAC0A2-A8FC-4CE1-962B-D1B68EACDDED-12736-000009D8929BDC21_zps4880f765.jpgprepping a tasty bean soup

 photo 0756197E-8644-408A-AA14-A4784FA8A6DD-12736-000009D89679AB0B_zps1e5638cc.jpgsnow cupcakes

 photo 2956954D-C83C-40F7-AAC9-C7EA94854F91-12736-000009D89ACC39C1_zps9f9de0cf.jpgvisiting shrum mound

you’ll notice a theme to this week. it’s the week snow officially entered our lives for the final season of the year. it’s here and it brings mixed feelings. i honestly love snow and have always loved winter. however, i am not a fan of how modern man interacts with this season.

i see winter as a time of natural introspection. i see it as a time when the outside world is supposed to shut down and things should turn inward. these months are meant for quiet reflection next to a fire, snuggled up with loved ones telling stories or reading books. i wish everyone would just make the decision to stop going out into the flurries and hunker down for winter. but that’s not going to happen in this world anymore. not when local economies are now entwined with business that takes place in areas of the globe that may never see snowfall.

but i’ll do my best this winter to hold the season in the way i see fit for me. this means warm drinks, layered socks, russian novels, and days spent indoors.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and good luck with this kick-off to winter, even though solstice is still a few weeks away. i think it’s going to be a long one this year.