weekending 48

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i’m a having a little bit of a hard time with that week 48 part. i can’t believe we’re here on the doorstep of week 49. just a few more weeks before 2013 is on the books.

i’m here to let you know i will be very boring for the remainder of the year and the beginning of 2014. my weeks and weekends will sound like this: “i stayed inside and drank some hot tea and played uno with my child and read and watched fantasy movies. that’s all.” and i’m ok with that. that’s what winter is for when you live in the midwest.

the weekend was low key, with a lovely visit from my mother who in turn took darla to stay in indiana for a few days. i’m having a hard time with how big D is these days. that may as well be a picture of her packed up to go to college. i think it may be the seasonal change b/c all i want her to do is cuddle up with me and just be. i just want to hold her and maybe watch a movie or read or talk or sleep but she won’t. she never stops moving and her perpetual motion reminds me too deeply these days that it’s all going by too fast. i want to work on my practices of being present and fully enjoying each moment as it passes b/c suddenly she’s five and sometimes i seriously think i’m going to go batshit crazy thinking about how fast the next years are going to go. i have grey hair now. and speaking of hair, the fuzz on my upper lip is somehow getting longer and my wrinkles that used to only come out when i smiled are now there at all times. doesn’t time just break your heart?  does anyone want to get together to have a cry circle?

well that was a nice little pick-me-up huh? i hope you had a lovely weekend. i hope you made some wonderful holiday memories.


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