week 46

 photo 1ABCE38F-23F1-419D-BB91-E7FD8895A9D9-2426-000001A68EF1640F_zpse64194ea.jpg photo 44D9E391-031D-4DFE-8265-F320C74581B7-2426-000001A69CD36886_zpsb2fca9a1.jpg photo 63845176-9BE8-48FE-9637-D3008FC5E4EC-2426-000001A697EFC8D8_zps38577d5d.jpg photo E0FA784D-99F3-4FEA-A33A-8DFEF0AFB89E-4295-00000320D06B55AE_zpsf0ee26fc.jpg photo 65951792-5BE2-4534-B194-D5D3821D6DC3-3176-0000023853173502_zps516ec85c.jpg photo 6351E716-A1F5-4E4B-9ED8-2DE065810F8B-3176-000002384C7268C7_zpsd3d4ddae.jpg photo 86AEADCC-42D0-4F53-85AF-BB30831E3AD4-4295-00000320D51ABC28_zps784beddf.jpg photo 85AA8221-C068-4A28-A1D0-C306B4DC6214-4764-00000383F31A8087_zps8fdff7e7.jpg

i bet you know what i’m going to talk about with week 46. yes, we’re still moving. 4.5 year olds and two adults with multiple jobs and only one shared day off a week make it hard to get a quick move done. plus, we’ve been doing a lot to make the place a bit our own. darla is finding places for her things and had fun testing out her new chalkboard door. i brought home a new little green friend and trying to figure out how to have a plethora of plants in the house without spending too much money. any good house plant suggestions?

i’m looking forward to becoming regulars at all the clintonville spots but some of them might be quite dangerous for us. we visited pattycake bakery this week and treated ourselves to spelt brownies and vegan buckeye bars.

as far as unschooling, darla started a new ballet class this week. other than that her learning has been concentrated on our house stuff. she’s been a helping with painting projects and errands. getting back to days filled with outings is a major motivator to get this move over and done with for me.

we all slept in this morning and I think it was much-needed. Darla was in our bed when we woke up. that hasn’t happened in a while and it reminded me of how much fun mornings used to be during our bedsharing days.

thanks, week 46. you’ve been good to us even if you did kick our butts.

happy weekending!


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