photo 8750F0B8-A794-4833-9C9D-636F35B123D8-23263-000013D499286F51_zps5a2293eb.jpg photo B898BFEF-118D-4F93-88F8-D4D8BFA4D29B-23263-000013D49053D3A4_zpsf1847e58.jpg photo 6E6A6591-92ED-45D1-9017-E419F76CC486-23263-000013D4952B1C23_zps8f11f5b7.jpg

hi all,

life has been rolling on as usual here. i haven’t been doing the weekly updates or any updates b/c guess what, life is bat shit cray cray busy right now. just like your life. you’re spending your online hours shopping last-minute deals anyway so my bloggy’s feelings are not hurt from the neglect from both you and i.

but we are crazy busy and yeah, overwhelmed with holidayness. i’m currently waiting on some ladies makin’ babies and supporting a couple in their early postpartum period so birthwork has me runnin’ round this town.

so since we’re all overwhelmed and i’m in bed every night at 8 due to the 5pm darkness let’s just make an agreement that we’ll all regroup in this space after the new year and maybe try some new directions here in this space. sound good? great!

i think i have one last post that’s been rollin’ around in me brain that i’ll clumsily type out before the end of the year.

but other than that, be safe, be well and when all else fails, give ’em hell!

friends, i’m sending hugs for the holidays and a butt pinch for new year’s! xoxoxo


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