around the house

the house…

 photo DED98A67-FF74-4831-A1A8-F796B262BD8E-7064-00000283729AD8D7_zpse71c6aa8.jpg

laundry. always laundry.

 photo FB73E675-CB37-4D95-A422-751E314B2A58-7064-00000283506ADFA0_zps0c807758.jpg

well wishes.

 photo 40C61598-5288-4976-82AE-92B2917C1316-7064-0000028362465762_zpsdc3cc2b5.jpg

new file organization for getting back into business.

 photo 2E905A3E-2FA5-40A9-A771-6E7FEC428350-7064-0000028359BE46A0_zps19570752.jpg

lost its mate.

 photo F212FA8E-1D4C-4930-BE10-7AC56A159D9D-7064-0000028346000DC0_zps07940413.jpg

new pack ready and waiting for the first day of school.


around the house

the house…
 photo 1C36A27F-CB68-44E9-BB65-9CC672354B8E-26822-0000040137B79020_zps4c762f1d.jpg

my view from the many hours spent nursing in bed

 photo D7818B28-AA4B-40D4-9A58-62E4AAC8E0DB-26822-000004012FCF6C4B_zps51c34773.jpg

this little guy keeps me company

 photo 822A378C-49AE-40FF-8C6C-8CF787D099F2-29663-000004A58E118FD6_zps8e23992f.jpg

dishes, do yourselves. we got kids to raise.

 photo 8A437627-3355-4DA2-A898-C4017420D13C-29663-000004A5B257009B_zps14b1bdc3.jpg

mmmmmmm. gardeny.

 photo 3E7FFD9B-2E04-4F09-AC2C-7192C682CC69-33440-00000552F271C908_zpsf6770df5.jpg

i give up in here.

 photo E0A83E8E-27A6-40CB-8E0F-487D7B852A81-33440-00000552ED01724E_zpse6d67d95.jpg

the best thing to do while breastfeeding = study up on breastfeeding!

sometimes the magic is in the details…the messy, messy details.


around the house

the house

or more like

the room

i have to admit that spending a second week *mostly* confined to my own room was getting to me with the picture perfect weather happening outside my window. so i decided to make this week’s around the house series therapeutic and capture some of the favorite details of my current surroundings:

 photo B17D3FB9-394D-4A7C-B872-F5E955BE15DC-22418-000004C8E29E4246_zpsadce1f66.jpg

^^^ fraaaands! ^^^

 photo 467B91B1-80DF-49F9-9E0F-1AB7450E6011-22418-000004C8C00123B9_zps014a389e.jpg

^^^ darla pulled her rocking chair into my room so we can rock daphne together. love! ^^^

 photo DB4ED4F5-F3FE-440A-8C8E-FEBF7531CB8D-22418-000004C8CE9A3A0E_zps499c12ae.jpg

^^^ baby wearing is back in my life ^^^

 photo E0FB3847-6FF3-4A90-BB11-826C24C0B728-22418-000004C8D598E1E8_zps22cdf7ce.jpg

^^^ nothing like a good ol’ pair of mismatched sandals ^^^

 photo 2A8FCEC9-E1E1-47D0-9EE3-4DA44CD08335-22418-000004C8EFCFC882_zps5c2a8591.jpg

^^^ we both enjoy reading by the light of this lamp ^^^

 photo B71C4EFA-A30B-45FC-9902-7C6F19A48C89-22418-000004C8DBF5485A_zps5197812b.jpg

^^^ catchin’ baby dreams ^^^

 photo 080855AF-5774-499B-B093-FE6BFA4CBB64-24142-000005042414E352_zps447c010d.jpg

^^^ secret doritos stash ^^^

sometimes the magic is in the details.


around the house

the house
 photo 394FA823-62F1-4DAD-92A3-891128428107-10130-0000038291882D62_zps1646a5bf.jpg  photo B0AA5795-ECEE-48D6-82D1-FB734F017244-10130-000003829B72D2BF_zps52dcb456.jpg  photo 4CB09CAF-4A59-4A5F-A895-2FD548F6975D-10130-0000038013EAA558_zps88c1e26d.jpg  photo FEF74CA8-4123-43BA-8219-D8CD95D90087-10130-0000037FE7A6E7DF_zps647567f7.jpg  photo BC7D2D48-2613-4A33-A64A-D3929D924433-10130-000003801E55C659_zps1310b98c.jpg  photo B741965E-3CDF-49FC-8635-2E553DE7CE14-10130-000003800E53EAD5_zpscb1abea9.jpg  photo 15238C1D-752B-4525-BACD-850E59CA46C1-10130-0000037FDB50A0FC_zps487444c0.jpg

i’m looking around at all the fantastic little details of everyday life and thinking that i’mma start this as a new series. these are the details of our household from week to week:

{1} husband’s record reorganization. {2} new green babies. {3} ‘murica. {4} oh hey! welcome to the world little friend. {5} a sweet surprise from grandma. {6} more ridiculous conway in our house. {7} my new official DONA doula badge.

because still life is still life. and sometimes the magic is in the details.


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feminism and full-time momming

it’s 5 am and footsteps pound up the stairs. he bursts frantically into the bedroom undressing. he’s fallen asleep on the couch, didn’t set an alarm and has not prepared for his day ahead of time. i sit up and ask what i can do to help. and then it happens, he snaps back “are my work clothes even clean?”

i quickly glance at the hamper with a half-day’s dirty laundry in it, calculate the cleaned load in the dryer and the cleaned laundry in the bin at the foot of our bed. i calmly reach into the cleaned “to-fold” pile of his clothes that have sat around for a day and hand him a pair of pants and a shirt. he dresses and leaves.  at least i made him his lunch the night before. he goes off to a long, hard day that hasn’t started well for him and i hope he gets through it all right.  but now it hasn’t started out well for me either.

i am wide awake processing the emotions that i kept at bay during this interaction, knowing that during a moment of stress was not the time to get into a roles discussion and a “natural consequences” lecture. i am processing the fact that the person i was 2 years ago would have jumped at this moment, even been a little bit happy that i had an opportunity to hold a moment of his disorganization up in his face and say “see?” but the me from now pushes those things aside to get what needs to be done, done. the me from now sits awake, hurt from knowing that in a moment of stress when he was looking for someone else to place blame on, it once again came back to me. in his stress, he let slip his inner notions of what my role in his life should be.

my job in this world is full-time mom. that says M-O-M, mom. it does not say full-time housekeeper. it does not say stay-at-home laundress. it doesn’t say work-from-home-maid. it says Mom. to me, that means my number one function for my family and in my life is the raising of my children. period. and i do not consider a grown man, 4 years my senior to be one of my children.

this is not 1950s america anymore. mother’s are not leaving their children in playpens all day to vacuum floors and hospital fold corners onto beds. we are not shoving our kids outside, unattended for the entirety of the day and locking the door behind them so we can fold a large family’s worth of clothes in front of our soaps. parenting is much more involved now. the term full-time mom means the number one recipient of our attention is our children. the housework comes second. sometimes it is much further down the list. i’d like to think it’s because we’ve come to the awareness that life is short and having a spotless house doesn’t matter as much in the end. what matters is the time we put into our little people.

but maybe we’ve also realized that the housework is and should be a joint effort even if someone is home during the day. i am not the only person who eats off dishes in this house. i am not the only person who wears clothes. i am not the only person to use the bathroom. so, i am calling bullshit on this antiquated system that says the household chores are my responsibility because i’m the “stay-at-home” parent. i also know that the truth of the matter is that these things are being put on my shoulders because i am a woman.  studies show that even in households where both partners are working outside the home, the female still bears the brunt of the household duties. it’s just another plate we women keep spinning in the air with little, to no appreciation given from our families. i don’t see how the absolution of personal responsibility over household conditions for the rest of my family is in any way good in the long run.

and guess what, stay-at-home parents are hardly ever staying at home! we’re out running errands for our families or taking our kids out for days in the park or other enriching activities. we’re taking them on play dates so they have time with other kids because society is screaming “but their socialization!” at us while covering their heads and looking at the sky.

now, time for some perspective on our household: our house is pretty fucking organized because I have worked hard on that. anyone who doesn’t think so probably doesn’t have a realistic grip on how other households are functioning. or they may be looking at the 2-3 spots in my house which i do not take personal control over. cough, record collection, cough cough. we have only one child {outside of the womb} and i’ve gotten pretty good at running household. i AM the person who does 85% of the housework around here. i’m the maker of beds and the cleaner of rooms. i’m the vacuum queen and freshly made, organic dinner chef.  but this is not because i am the full-time parent. it is not because i am the woman. it’s because I want things that way. these are decisions i’m making and i happen to be a woman. that is my feminism. being able to say that i am conducting myself in the way i see fit because it is what I want for myself and my life, not because of my gender. my feminism says that deserves respect and the most important respect out there to be earned is my own.

somewhere along the line i had to take personal responsibility that the reason i do as much cleaning as i do is because that is how i want my surroundings to be organized in my daily life. i could flip the switch and very, very easily say “ok, i’m not doing this anymore and no one can make me.”  i could put the to-do list down and every time my daughter asks for my attention or help with something i could answer with a “Yes! I will help you!” instead of the “sorry honey, mommy has to finish up these dishes” she frequently gets.

if you have a stay-at-home partner who does the majority of the housework then i want you to try to understand something: any household work your partner does while you’re away for the day is a bonus. it is not owed to you. our main focus should be our children and anything else we get done during the day is a blessed miracle. you have no idea how hard we work to cultivate enough independence in our children so that we can get some chores done, or in my case, the time spent coaxing little ones into being helpers.  if you come home to a mostly clean house, aren’t stepping over piles of clothes and broken toys at the end of the day then that is because your partner made a conscious decision to aim for those goals during his/her day. be thankful for that.

because i am not responsible for making sure clothes are laid out for other members of my family. i would like to give them credit to take a little more personal responsibility than having me dress them like children on the morn of sunday school.

also, for the record, i have always also multi-tasked and performed part-time work outside of the home to contribute to my family. AND i also have started my own small business and find time to squeeze in the development of my career which is my soul’s work. i also know that the childhood and parenting i’ve given my daughter is of far higher quality than any lifestyle i’ve been afforded thus far, especially in these last 2-3 years. i do a hell of a lot with the time and resources i’m given. i’m successful at my roles in life. i’m not bragging. i’m simply having the confidence to take a look at who i am and what i accomplish and say “yes, it is good enough” instead of tearing myself down. because it is good enough. i am damn good at ALL my jobs in this world. no one can take that affirmation away from me.

i am sure that households are not separating out chore lists by salary lines. i’m sure that people are not saying “well, i make 15% more per annum than you, my dear, therefore hereafter you should spend 15% more of your time doing housework than i do.”  that is ridiculous. getting through life is a game. and if you can’t get on the same team then you are most surely going to lose.

i feel that until there is more respect and gratitude given for the roles and functions of BOTH partners in a household then this will forever by a cyclical argument. or at least it will be in this house. BUT i live in a day and age when i can reject any notions of my worth being tied to my income or my sex. my worth is tied to my own opinions of myself and as stated, i think i’m doing a damn fine job.

i do not accept your idea for my role in life. i accept my own.  for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great. you have no power over me. {full labyrinth echo fade effect}

i’m out.

our week




of moments

from our week.

paint plant project

baby bunting

i was going to label this my week again, but seeing as how this little person is days away from being considered full term i think it’s safe to say that i’m truly and definitely a We.

miss darla spent the week in indiana again. i spent the week in a nesting frenzy. y’all first i painted all the things that needed painting. and then i painted all the things that didn’t need painting. i even made a baby bunting. i don’t know why!! this girl can’t help it.

since becoming pregnant almost all of the rooms in our house have had a major overhaul. it usually takes me a long time to get the house in order but this pregnancy really helped me have the drive to get things taken care of. it’s important to me to enjoy spending time in my home space, knowing that we’re going to be spending a lot of time bunked down very soon.

but in turn, this just leaves me feeling very boring these days. i can’t really seem to focus on much besides organizing our house and just waiting for this baby to be here. i feel like i’m on pause. i can’t remember if i felt this way with darla. i feel like i can’t make any plans or even think ahead into the future until this babe comes earthside. it’s like i have no memory…but in the future…

i’m also too tired to do much. so i lay my body down early at night and then just flop around…not sleeping.

late pregnancy is a bit of a roller coaster. i am trying desperately not to wish away these last few weeks. this is more than likely my last baby. i feel like i should be focusing on how special this time of my life is. i feel like i should be journaling and wearing flower crowns or something. ok, maybe not. but i definitely feel like SOMEONE should be giving me an essential oils foot rub. i think i really want to get all my to-do’s done so i can get down to some sacred work of ENJOYING this. 

is that maybe what this blog is for?

i guess i get to determine that since this is my space.  i want to state that my desires are for this to be a place to put down the positive, lovely things about pregnancy that i will dearly miss in all the remaining years of my lady life. i will try to refrain from complaining here.

just let me get two last words of complaint out there. that’s all i need. and then it will be all focused on the magical happenings of these last few weeks. just two last words:

vagina lightning.

ladies, you know what i’m talking about. gents, you don’t wanna. we’ll leave it at that.


almost full term baby belly

aaaaand when i wasn’t doing ridiculous crafts or freezer meals i just took poorly lit selfies of We.

you know. the usual.

*wishing you and yours a wonderful full moon friday the 13th weekend!*

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diaper decisions

diaper cover

i still haven’t decided if we’re cloth diapering from the get go with this babe but this cover kinda makes me want to. We started cloth diapers at around 10-11 months with darla and that worked out pretty well. i feel like we will start out in disposables, transition to a combination routine and end with all cloth, all the time. and darla was potty trained by just a few months after her 2nd birthday so i’d like to go ahead and keep that the same or earlier. please, universe? thanks a mil.

I’m kinda obsessed with a few things from this store { like also these } but the cute diaper covers catch my eye the most. we have some of ours left over from d but i will probably need to pic up another infant and one more larger size to make it work.

ugh, i can’t believe i’m back to the stage of being in charge of another human’s butt. life is a hoot.

ps. we’ll probably be using these disposables and these wipes if any of you kind souls wanna send baby wrucker a welcome gift!


plant plans

 photo AA58DD0B-C69C-4CED-8D05-C45C7C4C7780-6410-000004F4169A9964_zps95eec964.jpg photo D1916B40-F443-414A-BBB5-DCBB7899DAC7-6410-000004F42784D2AC_zps0550e020.jpg photo 6C611510-C947-4DE2-9DF7-C4D628320DC1-6410-000004F42EB5BF3F_zps6dece50b.jpg photo 9C658EDB-7088-40A0-8848-43E3261D956A-6410-000004F439D97AE0_zpsd736639f.jpg photo 3CAD65C9-181C-4291-B6C0-189FB939B92E-6410-000004F43F5F0F17_zps290d8b36.jpg

who doesn’t get excited about a big plant sale. obviously darla does. we picked up a few new green friends the other day and it got my nesting feathers ruffled for more updates to our space. i love adding more life to this house be it green babies or human babies. my only problem is i don’t really seem to have a green thumb yet. i don’t know much about taking care of house plants. i need to have someone come over and give me a private houseplant lesson. yeah, i’ve pinned a lot to pinterest to look over and read up a bit but learning in person seems to be my forte.

anyway, the pics of me re-potting a plant are superfluous but they were taken by darla so i thought i’d include them as a keepsake. good luck with your weekend. here’s hoping sunshine comes your way this weekend for you and all your growing things!