postpartum gifts

because i’m always thinking of others, i decided i might just make it easy on everyone, all the many people, who might be wondering what they could bring me as the perfect postpartum, push present gift so i made a list. ahem:

1. artisanal butter

2. houseplants. any of these would be fine…


3. a wrap from kokoro textiles. not that i need any more baby carriers but the turquoise fan print IS my power color…

4. dipes

5. wipes

6. donuts

7. the wonder years dvd box set

8. some black raspberries and/or oliver blackberry wine

9. diamonds  { shoot for the moon, right? }

10. butter. did i say butter?



thrift love

a friend once sent me a piece of writing that advised treating yourself to whatever items you see out in the world and love. the gist of the work was that our lives are short and a good deal of our short lives are spent in our homes so we might as well bring the things we love into our everyday presence.  in theory, i agree wholeheartedly with this concept. but, practically speaking, a little barrier called finite funds comes in to play. one can’t simply buy all the things one loves.  unless….one is in the thrift store.

my shopping posts have been about new items thus far but my heart lies in buying used, thrifted items. my first place of employment was the goodwill and i applied there so i could get an employee discount…at the goodwill…on 99 cent shirts. this resulted in a lot of polyester jumpsuits in my wardrobe and a lifelong love for digging through racks to find the quirky items that speak to my equally quirky soul.

i got back to the thrift stores this week since D was away and found many treasures that have been put to use in the home. mostly functional things like cheap baskets and pots for my growing houseplant collection but below are some of my favorites:


 cactus mat

^^^ i could not pass this up. funky from the doorstep people. ^^^

vintage chair

^^^ it is a damn crime how little i paid for this gorgeous chair ^^^

 thrifted baby

^^^ and these! imma putta baby in ’em! ^^^

*please don’t get excited thinking these look like boy clothes and spiral into scenarios where we secretly know the sex of this human. we don’t. as a reminder: no one owns the colors. i love these and will love them even more on our little person.

changing table makeover

we were loaned a changing table for use with our upcoming addition.  it is so very lovely and generous to be gifted and loaned baby items! since we picked it up i have been trying to make room in our budget for adding a few touches to it to give it our own style. i’ve had my eye on these two patterns for new changing pad covers. i can’t decide which one i like better but i guess i have more time to decide since the shop is on vacation at the moment…

camper changing padikat changing pad cover

anyone want to weigh in with a favorite?

and i also wanted to share one bit of cuteness i snapped up this week. i can’t wait to put some super cute baby buns in those bloomers!


happy shopping, y’all! 


avoiding maternity clothes

 avoiding maternity clothes

i didn’t do a good job taking pics this past week. or dressing myself really. but it doesn’t matter because this is the only outfit that exists from here on out…to the end of this pregnancy. and always.  it’s the most comfortable black dress ever. i will wear it every day. no more pregnancy fashion posts because this is what i wear all day, every day. forever and ever. amen.

the end.




if there’s one thing we have well stocked for this baby, it’s blankets. we have generations of blankets here. however, i’m very impressed and intrigued by the muslin swaddle blankets. with this baby coming in the summahtime and the farmer’s almanac warning us that we’re gonna sweat this one out, i would love to have one or two of these around for those first few scorching months. i was going to try make some myself because they seem to be pretty expensive {why are they so expensive?} but that’s probs not going to happen with all the other projects at hand around here.

my two favorites on the internet at the moment, that are also in my price range, are this golden arrow and this whale pattern. so adorable. i might pick one of these out and then see if i can score some plain ones second hand.

happy shopping, y’all!

kimono vs. iphono?



so i thought it would be fun for this saturday shopping post to show one item that i wanted to buy this week and then another item that i wanted to buy and DID.

can you guess which one I got?

well, i was super in love with that kimono and see the need for some lighter weight cover-ups coming here in the near future. but i’ve been needing a new phone case for a while and fell in love with that one up there. thank heavens for paypal balances!

so, i’m hoping that kimono stays in stock until my next payday. ’cause this pregnant momma needs some warm weather wardrobe options stat.


avoiding maternity clothes

here’s how i did with avoiding maternity clothes this week.

 avoiding maternity clothes
avoiding maternity clothes
 avoiding maternity clothes
maternity fringe
fringe belly

^^^let’s get a close-up of that fringe belly^^^

doula t-shirt
 doula on
 maternity jumpsuit

 maternity dress

my go to move is to throw a floral print over this bod and call it a day. but i also included some shots of what i look like on my normal mom days = disheveled hair, stretch pants and a doula tee. that’s my mom uniform. that was taken after i attended a comfort techniques mini-workshop this weekend so yes, i’m quote unquote keeping it realziez here. people see me like this. often. more often than i would like. in fact this series might be based in the fact that i want people to see me looking somewhat put together but usually no one is around when that happens and i am alone shouting into a mirror “hey, come see how good i look!”

lastly, you will be horrified to find out that husband was going to give away this turquoise jumpsuit! more than that, we’ve had this for years in our basement and i’m just now finding out about it. COLLECTIVE GASP. this will now be my maternity jumpsuit and you will probably see me in it often. my rescuing of this gem lead to the rest of my family donning coordinating turquoise outfits to our local diner. it made me oh-so-happy.

but in the end, i always come back to my wallpaper florals.

let’s see how i do for this week…

diaper decisions

diaper cover

i still haven’t decided if we’re cloth diapering from the get go with this babe but this cover kinda makes me want to. We started cloth diapers at around 10-11 months with darla and that worked out pretty well. i feel like we will start out in disposables, transition to a combination routine and end with all cloth, all the time. and darla was potty trained by just a few months after her 2nd birthday so i’d like to go ahead and keep that the same or earlier. please, universe? thanks a mil.

I’m kinda obsessed with a few things from this store { like also these } but the cute diaper covers catch my eye the most. we have some of ours left over from d but i will probably need to pic up another infant and one more larger size to make it work.

ugh, i can’t believe i’m back to the stage of being in charge of another human’s butt. life is a hoot.

ps. we’ll probably be using these disposables and these wipes if any of you kind souls wanna send baby wrucker a welcome gift!


avoiding maternity clothes

 pregnancy wardrobe

i avoid maternity clothes almost as well as i avoid eye contact in my mirror selfies.

 pregnancy wardrobe

fleece lined leggings and thermal shirts. you know, for when it snows in april.

pregnancy wardrobe

my coven issued black skirt, black shirt combo.

pregnancy wardrobe

and stretchy pants for days and days, plus a wide brimmed hat to cover unbrushed hair.

maternity fashion

so yeah, lots of skirts and stretch pants happening over here. but i only have a handful of these items that i’m switching out and dressing up in different ways.  i try to use loud prints and distracting accessories to draw attention away from the fact that i’m huge and still have a couple months to go. i’m keeping my eye on forever 21 and target for some new maxi dresses to add to this rotation. let me know if you see a sale.

 well, that’s all. let’s see how i do next week!