this house is clean


big life events for the wruckers: we’re moving!

we are moving to the part of columbus that we’ve found we spend the most time, we have a good amount of friends there and we’re hopeful it will be the right fit for us.

i spent my day cleaning and cleansing our new space. this was the first time i have saged a house before we moved and i really enjoyed it. whether the act works or not {although i’ve experienced it twice now and feel that it does} is beside the point. the essence of it, at least for me, is the ceremony of it and the devotion of myself to the new space. it feels good to know that i put a little bit of my energy and wishes into the house before i start painting, bringing in boxes and making changes.

i look forward to sharing more of our life from our new place. our moving process gets to be a bit more lax this time so stay tuned as to when we make the final jump.

hurrah for life changes!


the sage smudge sticks i used found here.



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