weekending 46

 photo F0589C20-7259-453E-B8C7-9D1942947552-6280-0000048E7E4FF9C2_zps9e0afbbc.jpg photo B7A1E58F-3EE9-474A-82B8-9F8A9FFF6680-6280-0000048E5CE0DA5E_zps6c5faf61.jpg photo BB52615E-83EC-4785-B951-2045BB9B5C2F-6280-0000048E9CE65EF9_zps9bfdb86c.jpg photo FF8FA9D5-5D34-48F1-A5CC-2C1DF66E5E56-6280-0000048E922048CB_zps0be0a5ad.jpg photo E8FA8F73-2F72-478B-995C-24DF04FDD8CB-6280-0000048E9848403C_zps0266c375.jpg

this is going to sound like such bullshit, but i had a really good time moving this weekend.

i can say that b/c i wasn’t the one lifting all our ridiculously heavy furniture.

moving teaches you a few things about yourself. it shows you how you get through a stressful time with the most important people in your life. it shows you how much pointless stuff you own. it shows you how dirty you actually live your everyday life. it also shows you how truly amazing your friends are. i cannot thank our friends enough for hauling our stuff all over this town for a third time. i’m hoping we’ll stay put at this place for a while.

at least that is what this move revealed to me.

my darla girl was such a trooper and i think it’s safe to say she loves the new house. we still have so much work to do to get life back in order, and i feel i’m drowning in all the things i need to get done {speaking of which why am i blogging instead of doing said things?} but i feel really, very happy.

even if i am a little anxious to get life back in order and settled in for a little winter hibernation.

i hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend. good luck with week 47!


One thought on “weekending 46

  1. So glad to hear that you are in good spirits. Glad to know that Darla likes her new residence. It will take a while to get it all organized and in place. I think I am going to be well enough to join you this weekend and help a bit. Taking a break to blog or work or have fun is wise. It will help you to reenergize to put things in order. I like the look of the white walls and wood floors!

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