week 48

life moments from week 48

 photo 88EABED2-4D7F-4A4B-BDC8-14E8900A8FBE-12736-000009D88E4B6DF6_zpse153dc4d.jpgsnow angels

 photo 0FAAC0A2-A8FC-4CE1-962B-D1B68EACDDED-12736-000009D8929BDC21_zps4880f765.jpgprepping a tasty bean soup

 photo 0756197E-8644-408A-AA14-A4784FA8A6DD-12736-000009D89679AB0B_zps1e5638cc.jpgsnow cupcakes

 photo 2956954D-C83C-40F7-AAC9-C7EA94854F91-12736-000009D89ACC39C1_zps9f9de0cf.jpgvisiting shrum mound

you’ll notice a theme to this week. it’s the week snow officially entered our lives for the final season of the year. it’s here and it brings mixed feelings. i honestly love snow and have always loved winter. however, i am not a fan of how modern man interacts with this season.

i see winter as a time of natural introspection. i see it as a time when the outside world is supposed to shut down and things should turn inward. these months are meant for quiet reflection next to a fire, snuggled up with loved ones telling stories or reading books. i wish everyone would just make the decision to stop going out into the flurries and hunker down for winter. but that’s not going to happen in this world anymore. not when local economies are now entwined with business that takes place in areas of the globe that may never see snowfall.

but i’ll do my best this winter to hold the season in the way i see fit for me. this means warm drinks, layered socks, russian novels, and days spent indoors.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and good luck with this kick-off to winter, even though solstice is still a few weeks away. i think it’s going to be a long one this year.


snow eater

ice eater

will someone please explain to me why i have to force feed my child meals like pancakes with syrup but she wants to eat icicles and snow balls the entirety of the time we are outside. does she not understand it’s just frozen water? dirty frozen water? i’ve tried to intervene but when mike made a snowman darla’s first reaction was to start gnawing on his midsection. it’s weird and i think it’s here to stay…at least for this snowfall. luckily she knows about yellow snow. she pointed some out and said “that means pee.” whew…

do you have a snow eater? try this: i made hot chocolate and then we poured it over snowballs { from fresh snow } and dropped in some smaller snowballs. it was actually pretty fun. i recommend it for those of you who have the if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em attitude.

better to see you with

3rd eye

i know i’m supposed to be showing you pictures of all the festive holiday stuff we’ve been doing but the truth is i’m kinda over it. this photo is the one i really wanted to share because i think it speaks more about our life than any holiday projects or baking we’ve been doing. darla asked to have a third eye drawn on her head before we went out to see the hobbit and well, you can see i obliged.  for the record, she does know the significance of the third eye and fell asleep many nights listening to the story of shiva and his third eye read from the children’s bedtime storybook from India i picked up a couple of months back. she is a real kook and i love her and i will draw a third eye on her forehead and let her wear it in public any day if that is how she wants to interact with her world!!!

well, ok i’ll show you just a few of our winteryness pics, too:

graham cottagecottagesnow walksnow icee

graham cracker cottage with dad, first stomp in the snow, and maple syrup snow slushie.



i do not have to words to describe my jealousy of these migratory birds that flew over the playground as darla and i romped about yesterday. they circled by hundreds over head and i kept thinking “certainly there are enough of them to carry my weight and take me with them.”

how i long to be a migratory animal. how i long to be a traveler, a wanderer, a vagabond even.

not to mention they get to head where it’s warm while we’re stuck here to freeze all winter.

i guess i’ve been really in touch with the animalistic ways of dealing with the approaching season: hibernation and migration. both seem like good options. if i could construct my ideal life i’d be a migrant for 3 seasons and then spend this fourth holed up somewhere by a fire, reading and writing. doesn’t that just sound swell?

yes, swell and impractical. that’s my middle name: impractical.

but i’m reminded that at one point or another all the dreams that became realities in our world started out as impracticalities. even this technology that brings you these impractical thoughts of my own.


my girl had a gimpy leg yesterday. no one, including her, has any idea when it happened but since she jumps off about 213 things a day it’s likely it occurred one of those times and didn’t really set it until she slept.

couch day

anyway, we spent the day laid up on the couch. well, she did. i was relegated to snack servant. but i have to say it was a pretty excellent day. blankets bundled on the couch, candles going in the dark horse grotto…we started with a pile of books then movie, then books, then movie. you get it.

so this got me to thinking of this idea that i really think would work. it would get me through winter and save us money:


i could do days like today all winter long. just lots of movies and books and talks and laughs and snuggles. i wasn’t even as hungry since we didn’t use a lot of energy. maybe we could drop down to only 2 meals a day! we could lower the thermostat bc we’d just stay bundled under blankets all day. let’s do it everybody! just stop going to your jobs in the winter. really. it’s ridiculous. just stop it.

can we do this revolution? let me know what you think…