week 45

this week has been one as such that i may not even be able to find the words to compose a coherent blog post. it won’t be that much different than any of my other posts in that way.

this week has been postpartums and prenatals, meetings and date nights, work, packing, painting, early morning walks and tacos twice! i’ve gotten some extra friend time in too with lady dates and friends being willing to stop by and lend a hand at the new place. people are going to get sooooo sick of me asking for help with the new place. i even won tix to the dr. dog show last night. so, it’s been a great week but dang man, shoot.

but now i have to tell you about the most important thing that has happened to me this week: my discovery and purchase of this Fergie lipstick.

i know. i know. i’ve never been that impressed by her before but i would fight some broads over this new lipstick of mine. it was less than $2! fergie!! thank you!!!

just look at how boring those pictures look without darla girl. i can’t wait for my favorite subject to return tonight. we will frolic all weekend and then you can look forward to a special edition of weekending on monday.

speaking of weekending, i better say good-bye. sending you my best and positive energy for a great weekend. adios amigos!

 photo E6936705-A956-4B0D-A81C-76BECCC89CAD-5954-000004BA23FFE2D5_zps47dc81ba.jpg photo 774D31BC-15EE-4590-9A8E-8BDC822D9879-5954-000004BA1C1858E5_zps6cccde39.jpg photo 2D393402-BC6C-4F5D-AF77-EE89BCEF887B-5954-000004BA201747ED_zpsf2488284.jpg photo 91366E03-FEE3-46A0-8B46-F1E289169A82-5954-000004BA113084A4_zpsc91d9d3e.jpg photo 2389670B-CD0A-499E-AFFC-F32911BFCDE7-5954-000004BA064D5F90_zpsc3bf4f03.jpg photo CD923C2C-5E03-4652-96A0-1E64BF86C358-5954-000004BA0C5558B4_zps2992191f.jpg photo 672128DF-3A77-46B9-8A27-113A98D0BB97-6379-000004F5FDB81906_zpsc1ef654b.jpg


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