week 47

 photo BD3DB028-F3F4-495F-BE3C-F0A5A9C2C6D1-8584-00000658860A7C65_zpsaf576e18.jpg photo C422CC1C-4601-44F8-9F3F-768FB5090ADE-8584-000006587DBE04D0_zps32f541eb.jpg photo BE423EF9-CA57-4542-8D3A-0DB91CC92004-8584-000006586B4EEAB3_zps385ef5ec.jpg photo FA810E4A-9E80-457D-AFA1-76FABEF9A6AF-8584-000006588220337C_zpsea7a49a7.jpg

i’m going to break here so i can discuss the difference between everything  ▲▲▲above▲▲▲ and everthing ▼▼▼below▼▼▼

these first four pics are from our monday, the day this week i was a good mother. we got out with our besties to look at the beautiful bison at batelle darby creek metro park. it was a really great day of nature centering, trail walking, rock skipping and fish net building.

i must explain that fourth photo a bit. that is darla having more than a moment with the snowshoe hare pelt. i don’t know what it was about the snowshoe hare that made it more special to her than all the other carcasses but she was quite emotional about it. she sang to it. people, she sang to this dead animal fur and told it she wanted it to come back to life. it is life occurrences like this that make me very scared about what the future holds, or very intrigued. a little of both, i guess.

and it’s a good thing i got us out on monday because i feel like i did maybe less than average for the rest of the week. it seems like i just couldn’t get us to things on time and was a day late and a dollar short on everything. the look on darla’s face below is how i felt all week. there’s so much to be done and figured out in this life and i feel lost under it all. it’s nice to see darla has her balance b/c i don’t. the rest of you make it look so easy. you really do!

 photo E15F2387-290F-4F98-B3E4-B899218ADCCA-8584-000006588F3A65FB_zpsb2da6cfe.jpg photo E99BD7DF-7923-49EB-AEFC-45FC03BE21CD-8584-000006588A2B1753_zps34f0b77a.jpg

but i’m trying to just give things time. and be thankful for the good moments that were mixed in even if i was a less than stellar human being this week.


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