week 48

life moments from week 48

 photo 88EABED2-4D7F-4A4B-BDC8-14E8900A8FBE-12736-000009D88E4B6DF6_zpse153dc4d.jpgsnow angels

 photo 0FAAC0A2-A8FC-4CE1-962B-D1B68EACDDED-12736-000009D8929BDC21_zps4880f765.jpgprepping a tasty bean soup

 photo 0756197E-8644-408A-AA14-A4784FA8A6DD-12736-000009D89679AB0B_zps1e5638cc.jpgsnow cupcakes

 photo 2956954D-C83C-40F7-AAC9-C7EA94854F91-12736-000009D89ACC39C1_zps9f9de0cf.jpgvisiting shrum mound

you’ll notice a theme to this week. it’s the week snow officially entered our lives for the final season of the year. it’s here and it brings mixed feelings. i honestly love snow and have always loved winter. however, i am not a fan of how modern man interacts with this season.

i see winter as a time of natural introspection. i see it as a time when the outside world is supposed to shut down and things should turn inward. these months are meant for quiet reflection next to a fire, snuggled up with loved ones telling stories or reading books. i wish everyone would just make the decision to stop going out into the flurries and hunker down for winter. but that’s not going to happen in this world anymore. not when local economies are now entwined with business that takes place in areas of the globe that may never see snowfall.

but i’ll do my best this winter to hold the season in the way i see fit for me. this means warm drinks, layered socks, russian novels, and days spent indoors.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and good luck with this kick-off to winter, even though solstice is still a few weeks away. i think it’s going to be a long one this year.


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