hi! i’m elaine. my life could probably be summed up by these four things: big hair, boots, birth & butter. welcome to my blog.

our family is currently growing in columbus ohio. i don’t really capitalize words, so there’s that. i hope you enjoy your time in this space!

 now some pictures where talented people make us look better looking than we are in real life. except darla. she’s really just that good-looking:

photo by mary catherine hamelin

photo by mary catherine hamelin

aion arts photos by claudia retter

familypicphoto by Lance Thompson

let’s connect in other spaces:

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i am an amazon affiliate meaning that product links to amazon earn me a very small amount of commission but enough to help me justify the practice of writing this blog as something else other than sheer vanity and self-absorbedness. it’s mostly those things though. cheers!


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Your About is awesome and the pictures are beautiful. I’m studying to be a doula as well…not very motivated right now due to a lack of time. Anyway wanted to say hello again and that I grew up in Reynoldsburg. :) All love. – Kimber

    • Welcome back to my little spot of the webiverse and thank you for your compliments. Congrats on being a promised doula! I can relate to the lack of time. It took me about a year to get my butt in motion and everything really kicked up in the last 6 months. I’m sure you’ll get there too ;) Smiles to you and your littles.

    • welcome to my little space of the internet. make yourself right at home and feel free to join the conversation anytime :) thanks for your kind words as well!

  2. Your blog is so delightful. I love the simplistic take on real life and how you convey your everyday happenings. I too love to savor the ordinary things in life that too me is extraordinary. I look for forward to following your shared thoughts of everyday life.
    Happy Blogging,

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