now that the girl is 5

hi all! i’m back…i think.

lots of love and life have transpired since i last visited these pages. i look forward to doing a little catch-up but the most fun development in our corner of the universe is that darla marie is now 5.  a whole hand!

i must say 5 suits her very well. she’s grown up a lot in these last few months. out of nowhere she has these manners and courtesies that i can only attribute to the 5 hours of my little pony she watches everyday thanks to this winter that has killeth my soul.

anyway, it makes me so very excited to learn more about the person she’s becoming. i love her quite mostly.

this brief post is all i have for now but i’d like to leave you with a visual update which i titled A Study of Child with Ice cream Cone:
 photo A817B57D-6B66-4184-A93E-79825FF14686-3448-000002468E96750A_zps7a0fccb4.jpg photo 3DEC4CE9-68FC-4F44-A487-980C35FD0A7A-3448-0000024696001BF7_zpsccd5d5c6.jpg photo F7D537DC-DC3F-4BC7-8318-BAAD31B3A3F9-3448-000002469C8663C3_zps2682da66.jpg photo 5A8C6C69-8A32-48EC-A1ED-94D973C9688F-3448-00000246A36F5C49_zpsb2ebc61d.jpg photo 08DE0550-A295-4837-81C3-81D6D977E8C9-3448-00000246A9FB5E8F_zps36b6e5a2.jpg photo 41E1B8B6-506D-4A67-941B-7B19D5EACFCC-3448-00000246B05EE5EF_zps975fb3bc.jpg

1. child shows excitement at procurement of ice cream cone.

2. child takes pause for sillyness

3. child remembers the task at hand, moves in, calculating optimal eating approach

4. sugar has now been introduced to child’s bloodstream. a brief glaze over the eyes appears

5. child looses all inhibitions and really goes for it

6. child offers up small token of approval and appreciation


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