weekending 47

 photo FA5F7FF3-C943-4EFE-881B-5B19C3334AD1-10167-000007876633951C_zps206ff973.jpg photo 8F96ED9B-082F-4A61-AF88-1765CCE00EB8-10167-000007876A821AD4_zpsf39516e5.jpg

we’re settled in enough to be able to make biscuits and bacon. that’s good enough for me.

friends, we’re kinda settling into a midwestern winter over here. i’ve been trying to deny it but temps are getting low and we’re getting snow flurries on the regular. d’s already in the christmas spirit and even though i feel too discombobulated to be fully there myself, i’m enjoying the yuletide tunes on the radio and christmas movies making their way into our rotation.

i know these last five weeks of the year are going to really give me a run for my money. kinda literally. i’ll be running all over this town for clients. plus christmas. plus my wonderful part-time job. and other commitments. and it’s all very overwhelming when most of my life is still in boxes and totes.

but for now i can enjoy things like a little biscuit baker, bedroom dance parties, sunday morning movies, 5 year-olds delighting in snowfall, and bacon. always, always bacon.


recently enjoyed moments

hi all,

i’m writing you from a completely relaxing, solo-mama weekend. the inside of my brain sounds like kevin mccallister: “i made my family disappear.”

i miss them but i’m also relishing the alone time. i’ve labeled this weekend my anne morrow lindbergh weekend because i really appreciated anne’s views on the importance of alone time for a female in gift from the sea.

so far i’ve taken a 5 hr nap, ate pie for dinner, watched some bad tv, and held a dancing + cleaning session. i’m very thankful for this opportunity to exist for a few days as a solitary entity.

so, i wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a wondrous, serene, and little bit magical weekend. here are a few pics of recently enjoyed moments:

 photo 52A4327E-2487-42D4-B0E8-61EB85FB360D-9294-0000071A6CC2EE50_zpsd31ffa0e.jpg

^^^ a funky mirror makes my vintage booties even funkier ^^^

 photo 58C79387-9B69-43DE-82B8-D1400279E786-9294-0000071A5C2E4DD8_zpsd9b00124.jpg

^^^ the most delicious baked goods and the loveliest staff ^^^

 photo EA377DB6-E547-4F3D-8637-EB95FFDA67EA-9294-0000071A679D67E2_zpsa906da09.jpg

^^^ she knows she’s got a pretty good life ^^^

 photo 158EA334-93EF-4C11-9827-F98C5140CE4E-9294-0000071A70334D62_zps46bb94b3.jpg

^^^ three kiddos having a hard, hot day. we were told the reason for crankiness was “our brains are too hot.” i think i was feeling the same way. ^^^