a day in may

the first day of may was very picturesque here in columbus. today is starting off pretty grand as well. i like what you’re offering so far, may:

 photo 0F28BB34-00AD-4D6C-A7F1-4DB6D74FD16B-4091-0000051621C7107F_zps00fb21d3.jpg photo 9B4AEFDA-2D78-4A1B-B66B-79253E64E2DB-4091-000005161558D1EE_zps96d655a4.jpg photo CDB312D6-C7BF-4E56-A39A-E573DD827EF6-4091-00000516021725A8_zpsc4b6696b.jpg photo 705995BE-13A4-4011-B5A6-55677B8BB4BE-4091-000005162FB2A195_zps67beb84d.jpg photo 5A50299E-DB3D-4E24-A80A-B1FC3D90FB59-4091-000005163F552D5B_zpsf2293ec6.jpg photo 03BD8AF6-295D-439B-9036-C0226EA2FF58-4091-0000051658EE144E_zps5a695da0.jpg

our day included picnic in the park, my first load of laundry out on the line for the year, a prenatal meeting for my june clients, and popsicles and nail painting on the porch. that’s a lot of P activities and it wasn’t on purpose. can you tell darla talked me into letting her paint mine too?  i just had such a good time with her yesterday. it’s during these days that i say in my head “can we just always be this way? can she just stay with me and we’ll read books in the park and go on adventures and she won’t need school, we’ll learn together along the way?”  i guess we’ll find out the answers to those questions in their own time.

actually now that i’ve looked at it longer, sorry about that picture. it’s pretty gross. outdoor feet = funky feet.

may, i give you permission to let all days be just like may day.


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porch portraits

the unseasonably warm weather has allowed for a good dose of outdoor activity this week. tonight darla enthusiastically pulled all the stuff out on to the porch for a reading pallet, happy to know this activity will continue, and i iSnapped these shots:

 photo 3A011638-90FE-40B7-97AE-9BE32012CA1A-37652-000025B767E4BADD_zps51bacd43.jpg

 photo EBFA589D-3EE6-492B-A010-E49660C844D7-37652-000025B7AD56D23E_zpsc418d0c3.jpg photo CCDD1F2C-B128-4353-85BF-EABFEC95579C-37652-000025B78C84049F_zpsd32a0c7d.jpg

something about these shots just speaks volumes to me about her little personhood. she was pretty engrossed in her play so maybe that’s why i feel so much of her presence in them, especially the last one. hair curled wild, stick thrust out yelling some command at an imaginary adversary. i’ll be glad to remember her this way.

 photo 91B4644F-D6F0-4F82-9983-666D2C93CD94-37652-000025B7A0A52CA2_zps196f7e0c.jpg

^^^And sometimes i even make it in a photo too^^^

you should or should not let your child dye herself blue

let me start by stating our household has a long history with food coloring. i made darla food color ice cubes to go in her baths about a year ago and well, we haven’t been able to have a week that goes by without a tinted bath since. if you can avoid starting this practice then you are smarter than i and deserve 10 parenting points.

 photo 3C45F900-C5F7-4A29-87DA-B4ABF7A1D624-27592-00001E506E3CB9BD_zpsaa796f87.jpg^^^evidence^^^

so we decided to dye our eggs yesterday – we dyed them without the shells this year because darla eats a dozen boiled eggs a week. that is an exaggeration. an EGGSageration if you will. anyway…

this activity:

 photo F6FE2A20-04C4-4651-BC9F-96EADE39F5BD-27592-00001E508260FEF3_zps4a32775e.jpg

slowly devolved to this:

 photo 34B57852-1C5B-460A-8390-49E9D1A7A8B9-27592-00001E509E6EC024_zpsb9b40eed.jpg

and then this:

 photo C09E210F-50C3-41FE-B669-1284930E3EBD-27592-00001E50C0E6E257_zps8ddb3956.jpg


 photo C13EA11E-C6CE-4A59-9321-74677D022F4C-27592-00001E50E2148A83_zpsbf8c92be.jpg
and finally this:

 photo 102FFC3F-C390-4CD9-904A-046537E9FD51-27592-00001E5100183A82_zps6e16f39a.jpg

i think the breakdown came somewhere in between her asking “mom, can i paint my body?” and me answering “YES.”

It was an allowance that required a lot of time and soap to undo. I can’t say that i recommend it but on the other hand…it was a whole lot of hilarious. to me at least. i think hubster was a little less amused. i honestly asked him if we could leave her that way forever.

but i can’t help but hope that by responding positively to these crazy artistic whims of hers that i’ll be instilling some confidence in her that her own ideas are good ones. i’m hoping she’ll be learning something about support and believing in her inspirations. i hope. i’m hoping we’ll continue to experiment with her own independence and enacting her will on her world. i’m hoping this freedom will build her esteem and sense of self.

so that when all her peers are experimenting with mind altering drugs in high school because they have no other control over the decisions in their lives that she, MY daughter, will simply be experimenting with body paint.

or drugs AND body paint which is still way more ambitious than just drugs, right?

anyway, it turns out food dye doesn’t come completely off. i just dropped her off at school without so much as one word of explanation about her purple hands and feet.

they love me there. they do.

starting our garden: seedlings

we took advantage of that one spring day this weekend to start our spring planting. i’ve never started plants from seeds before so i’m crossing my fingers and darla gave the dirt special blessings and then turned to the window and prayed for hades to let persephone go back to demeter because “we just can’t have any more winter, you know.”

we’ve been boning up on our greek mythology.

i’ve got a nice plan, packets of seeds and garden materials ready to construct once the weather is done doing its thing. i’m sending out some earthy vibes hoping this little garden of ours comes to fruition and helps us on the way to meeting some zero waste goals for the year.

 photo E42239C0-5394-4551-B6DC-7C82891AE0F1-26121-00001D5328153D2F_zps1cfbe9e0.jpg photo 91157FE8-D436-4B35-8D56-E645D19CB0AB-26121-00001D533E5BD3D1_zps1992416d.jpg photo 19EC2BF3-6993-4F6A-96C6-28899B83747F-26121-00001D5348CB3A35_zpsf5f15755.jpg photo DBBD6EFC-7539-4F69-B6BD-550F59A6FCA6-26121-00001D5357D19D80_zpsca9f91c3.jpg

1. yeah child labor!  2. repurposed egg trays  3. finally getting to use my cute herb spoons my SIL gifted me years ago  4. a nice little variety of plants, herbs and flowers on that tray.


ahhhh yes. spring! we officially sprung forward around here so even though that equinox hasn’t made it official…it’s spring dangit. we made it outdoors for some activity this weekend. it was glorious.

after all my grumbling about not being able to take darla on a nature hike like a year ago at my parents’, i decided to go for it even though snow was still on the ground. because, why not? and i’m so glad we did. it was the perfect day for it. the skies were clear, sun bright, temps just warming up so we could sit and literally watch the snow melting off the trees into the creek:

 photo 34967F95-FFA5-44FF-AF10-CF9372BCDA39-17701-000013DFF3C979A3_zpsf201436e.jpg

 photo F2D46B84-C433-457E-906F-9CC0CC2DA60D-17701-000013DFE4C09CED_zps9325b7d7.jpg
 photo 0355F2A3-F7C1-4A6B-8218-EDBB0C408765-17701-000013E0030A9FC6_zps0dfe850f.jpg photo 0B3CD5A8-3C79-46C7-8699-6D8F25F81DD1-17701-000013E00FCB5B1F_zps65a0406c.jpg photo 895C34F1-06AA-4EBC-8A91-A8114D2EF245-17701-000013E020046F28_zpsd557e5fa.jpg

we hiked over and examined rocks and the creek bed. we tossed sticks. rested on fallen logs and listened to the many birds. we guessed at animal tracks and got our boots muddy. we listened to the slow trickle of melting snow and the occasional plop of a big chunk as it fell into the creek. we basked in the greatness of my sycamores.

oh how i long for my indiana home.

tiny author

darla and mike set to writing darla’s first short story yesterday. here’s what she came up with:

 photo 606EF8B2-AEA6-453A-BB8B-96126A26B2BB-11505-00000D43FC7A23E6_zpsecbdcb7e.jpg

“let’s make cupcakes & cookies and let’s make everything sweet and do it good. we have to do it because we’re soooo lucky and write a picture of my brother, luke skywalker.”