i felt kinda like getting back to posting some weekly familyness shots. i really miss so many of you friends and i’m sorry i don’t get my correspondence on as often as i’d like. just view our lives broadcasted on the interwebs instead of getting a call form me like normal. right? sarcasm but sadly true. sorry. here’s a bit of our week:

firefly2blue bath

two headspuppets

doodle 2grumpy doodle


1.  mountain instrument concert  2. someone can’t take a bath unless it has food coloring in it. blue bath.  3. two-headed dimple monster  4. mike made some really rad puppets. #hidden talents  5 & 6. a gifted Grumpy Doodle Book saved us at lunchtime. 7. I figure that since the placement of this sign was in an alley { an alley that transports you to a whole different city, beeteedubs } it’s actually referring to heroin instead of refuse. tax dollars well spent.

wishing you a splendid weekend. go get a little funky.


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