bump day

baby belly pic

it’s a birthday baby bump post today. it’s hard for me to believe that the body holding that baby is 31 years old. i never thought i would get old.  the 30s are a weird decade where sometimes i feel much, much older than my years only to follow it up with feelings of eternal youth the next day.

anyway, i’ve enjoyed a day of rainy solitude for my 31st birthday. husbeau left me cinnamon rolls for breakfast and i’ve been catching up on household projects, rest and online work that was all put on the back burner during 6 long days of workshops and learning for my ventures into postpartum doula work and childbirth education. there’s a lot to unpack in this brain. i feel like i have a 50 item laundry list of things i want to get started on asap to further my career in birthwork.

but in the middle of it all, i’ve made sure to stop and spend time with this belly. i cannot believe it will be only a few short months before i meet the little person inside there.



yesterday was a reminder of how lucky we are to have such great friends and family. a small group helped us celebrate darla’s birthday. a large group helped us celebrate from afar by sending messages and well wishes, gifts & cards. thanks to you all.

here’s just a bit of our donut + coffee + cupcake decorating party. it took hardly any time to set up, even less to clean up and we listened to the first lady of country while we tore down. i’m never doing another veggie tray again. it’s coffee and donut birthday parties from here on out. until darla’s old enough to roller skate, that is. then….ohhhh then…let’s just say there will be some roller rink parties in our future. candy kiss photo candykiss_zpse930d69a.jpg

 photo 4CB71870-9B74-43D5-9F56-08E726F49619-3758-0000031F5040C8F7.jpg

 photo 6A9B19C6-2E70-40F5-A7D7-1F62C6325209-3758-0000031F2063887A.jpg

tammy photo tammy_zpsaa8bb726.jpg


we had a birthday celebration yesterday. can you tell which one of us was excited about it? jump

i really wish that pic had turned out clearer bc it was pretty great. darla was leaping over mike’s legs when we told her we’d do a backwards dinner: dessert first, dinner second. somehow, this worked. she ate more dinner than normal. but, i don’t think we’ll make it a regular thing.

a la mode

we had brownie rocky road a la mode.

darla and i gifted mike a custom, handmade leather belt fashioned by our friend, lance. it’s super sweet. so if anyone needs any leather work done…well, i know a guy.


happy birthday to all the december babies young and old :)

birthday buddies

i’m sure everyone remembers that we love to hit up pumpkin patches with these folks. we got to spend yesterday celebrating the birthday of our very best buddy and my favorite little guy at schacht’s family farm. can you believe how big these kids have grown?


birthday party


trunk party


these last two are my favorites. they were hissing like snakes and then laughing at how they amused themselves. these kiddos have their own inside jokes now. we’re slowly approaching the age when parents will be outsiders. i’m ok with that. especially if it means their bond will grow stronger. they’ve acted a bit more like twins in the past, but lately there’s been a whole lot of love.

happy 4th birthday burkeybuns! we love you.

we knew you were coming so we baked a cake

on friday we all waited anxiously for our new nephew -newphew- to make his appearance in the world. to celebrate, i helped big sis and big cousin bake a birthday cake for our newest member of the family. lots of spatula licking ensued:








and there’s the finished product. big sis got to pick out the cake mix, frosting and all the trimmings. i really enjoyed involving the girls this way and reminding them of another benefit of new siblings/cousins – another day of the year that you get to eat cake.

last week i…

did some things that were NOT birthday related.


we finally got the girl out of the house more. we ended up at firefly one day and it turns out firefly now has sing-a-longs. it was great fun watching the kiddos jump in front of the microphone. here’s darla’s turn, where she stood in front of the mic and looked proud but did not sing one syllable of the song. maybe she’ll get it the next time….


did some puzzles, mostly by myself. darla does not like puzzles for some reason. she likes dumping them, turning them over and sorting but not putting them back together. more for me i guess.


i found the perfect set of sheets for the tent bed at salvation army. i tried to encourage a tea party in said tent but, alas, that required too much sitting still in one spot for my girl.


i got darla a shake on her last day of being 2. just because.


triple reused brown bags to celebrate aunt colleen’s birthday. these bags were from our take out lunch, turned art project for daddy + darla, turned last minute wrapping paper idea for auntie’s 30th birthday gifts. after that we were satisfied with tossing in the recycling bin.

and that’s a wrap on last week. bye!

birthday morning

a few snaps of the birthday morning:

IMG_1708first glimpse of the three year old

IMG_1711ring pop for breakfast. you can get away with anything on your birthday.



IMG_1717thank you hugs and kisses all around for bday presents

we’ve had a good morning complete with family visits, CRUMBelievable pancakes (pancakes with sausage crumbles baked inside. mmmm mmmm), presents and orange soda pop. Three is starting off pretty fantastic.

thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes coming miss darla’s way!