photo C65E2B7E-7083-444E-81CC-714C75D2E194-19580-00000DEDD09F4B39_zps1bb4ec52.jpg photo B8A53988-EECE-4892-BC20-D21B3E6242C0-19580-00000DED96149942_zps96375b3d.jpg photo D5631691-F061-45F8-8C70-C553859F05BE-20814-00000EAEE6F34267_zpsa87a5fd0.jpg photo 9CF74557-E9F9-41CA-81C1-F27867D75592-19580-00000DEDCCCC5E62_zpsedefe7f1.jpg photo A09CC693-059F-4640-A7A7-D62DC27E3A24-20827-00000EBF8A98D974_zpsec08eb00.jpg

 photo 37E8E5F6-7BA0-454F-AD69-4FA5F9EE631B-20827-00000EBF83FCB167_zpsecc232c5.jpg

in case i hadn’t sufficiently rubbed it in your face that we spent the first couple of days this week in the woods, communing with birds and spirit animals then here is a whole entire post dedicated to just that.

i was having myself a time. my sweet mother joined us so this meant i was afforded some alone time and i spent it in the woods, in glorious natural woods. i feel i really need to make an effort to spend more time doing this. i really have no excuse since there are so many parks and green spaces in and near columbus. i take darla to the parks a lot and we do go on hikes but i don’t make alone time to do this and i think i really need it. my brain kept tapping into some of my most cherished memories as a child which always involved some camping trip in the woods or a stay at scout camp. i could feel how my brain operates differently in that setting. most of the time i feel like my brain takes in way too much information and i can’t focus in everyday life but in the woods my information inundation has a purpose. i feel like my vision is in panorama view the entire time. it feels right. i mean, i saw a spirit deer for cryin’ out loud.

i enjoyed little quite moments of solitude that left me yearning to make a solo cabin trip someday soon. nothing too long but maybe a 2 day excursion to the woods to have myself a walden weekend. please universe?

my daughter on the other hand had a different experience. this cabin had 3 tvs in it. 3 TVS!!! i was hoping this would be a break from television but it wasn’t for her. that’s how she chose to spend her time. can you see her up there in that last photo fighting the forest? because that’s what she said she wanted to do. i think darla may not be as much of a nature-girl as i am. and that’s ok….i guess. maybe she’ll come around but i know i wasn’t as focused on television and electronics at her age. i wanted to be outside, up in a tree, at the creek or in the woods. it makes me sad for her that she’s not getting to know the freedom of a rural childhood.

but she’s got her own thing going on. like turning party hats into unicorn horns that she has to use to impale a bull to the moon. i have the visual arts to thank for that.

 photo FF815D81-2F18-479B-B2D0-B6B2283D3977-19580-00000DED88782AE0_zpsa574adb2.jpg

so, i’ll be carrying a little bit of the natural world around with me until i can get back. and next time we’ll be renting a cabin without 3 tvs.



ahhhh yes. spring! we officially sprung forward around here so even though that equinox hasn’t made it official…it’s spring dangit. we made it outdoors for some activity this weekend. it was glorious.

after all my grumbling about not being able to take darla on a nature hike like a year ago at my parents’, i decided to go for it even though snow was still on the ground. because, why not? and i’m so glad we did. it was the perfect day for it. the skies were clear, sun bright, temps just warming up so we could sit and literally watch the snow melting off the trees into the creek:

 photo 34967F95-FFA5-44FF-AF10-CF9372BCDA39-17701-000013DFF3C979A3_zpsf201436e.jpg

 photo F2D46B84-C433-457E-906F-9CC0CC2DA60D-17701-000013DFE4C09CED_zps9325b7d7.jpg
 photo 0355F2A3-F7C1-4A6B-8218-EDBB0C408765-17701-000013E0030A9FC6_zps0dfe850f.jpg photo 0B3CD5A8-3C79-46C7-8699-6D8F25F81DD1-17701-000013E00FCB5B1F_zps65a0406c.jpg photo 895C34F1-06AA-4EBC-8A91-A8114D2EF245-17701-000013E020046F28_zpsd557e5fa.jpg

we hiked over and examined rocks and the creek bed. we tossed sticks. rested on fallen logs and listened to the many birds. we guessed at animal tracks and got our boots muddy. we listened to the slow trickle of melting snow and the occasional plop of a big chunk as it fell into the creek. we basked in the greatness of my sycamores.

oh how i long for my indiana home.

a wonder wander




i much prefer a nice stroll in the woods over any other activity with my girl. after a picnic lunch at their pondside wildlife observation deck we took our apples and went for a walk in sodalis nature park.

i love the way her imagination has the freedom to expand when there are few parameters. we walked along the trail, singing various songs, clearing sticks off the trail and using the sticks to build various projects darla dreamed up. i loved watching her excitement as she found red leaves and exclaimed “i found the first leaf of autumn!” or when she found large rocks to climb and jump off.

i’m looking forward to a whole season of these nature walks.