ahhhh yes. spring! we officially sprung forward around here so even though that equinox hasn’t made it official…it’s spring dangit. we made it outdoors for some activity this weekend. it was glorious.

after all my grumbling about not being able to take darla on a nature hike like a year ago at my parents’, i decided to go for it even though snow was still on the ground. because, why not? and i’m so glad we did. it was the perfect day for it. the skies were clear, sun bright, temps just warming up so we could sit and literally watch the snow melting off the trees into the creek:

 photo 34967F95-FFA5-44FF-AF10-CF9372BCDA39-17701-000013DFF3C979A3_zpsf201436e.jpg

 photo F2D46B84-C433-457E-906F-9CC0CC2DA60D-17701-000013DFE4C09CED_zps9325b7d7.jpg
 photo 0355F2A3-F7C1-4A6B-8218-EDBB0C408765-17701-000013E0030A9FC6_zps0dfe850f.jpg photo 0B3CD5A8-3C79-46C7-8699-6D8F25F81DD1-17701-000013E00FCB5B1F_zps65a0406c.jpg photo 895C34F1-06AA-4EBC-8A91-A8114D2EF245-17701-000013E020046F28_zpsd557e5fa.jpg

we hiked over and examined rocks and the creek bed. we tossed sticks. rested on fallen logs and listened to the many birds. we guessed at animal tracks and got our boots muddy. we listened to the slow trickle of melting snow and the occasional plop of a big chunk as it fell into the creek. we basked in the greatness of my sycamores.

oh how i long for my indiana home.


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