this weekend was superb. lots of things made me happy. here’s a few:

 photo F42BD302-2776-4EBC-83BA-F7445522E31E-35623-0000242BC6A275A7_zps89b32bc8.jpg photo C8304D81-E370-4C2E-918A-FAEF279D8D3E-35623-0000242BBA0A2BF8_zpsd91f7de2.jpg photo CB8096B3-4546-40D1-AC31-5F1BE6CE09D3-35623-0000242BD3E55078_zps8bad8e58.jpg photo A7E64CB4-4915-463B-8152-7F664E438AAB-35623-0000242BA90784B3_zps20607bee.jpg photo A3A947C3-6248-4D6E-8149-D88474BE3B03-35623-0000242BFFD4892B_zps2d34dc76.jpg photo D33D9900-232E-4328-A82D-4683268F1630-35623-0000242BDED0FDC1_zpsb0a0d203.jpg

^^^ 1. sunshine and a girl who loves skygazing.  2. sunshine and my new doula shirt  3. all dressed up with someplace to sparkle.  4, 5, & 6 growing things and finished projects. ^^^

i hope yours was superb as well. good luck with monday.


starting our garden: seedlings

we took advantage of that one spring day this weekend to start our spring planting. i’ve never started plants from seeds before so i’m crossing my fingers and darla gave the dirt special blessings and then turned to the window and prayed for hades to let persephone go back to demeter because “we just can’t have any more winter, you know.”

we’ve been boning up on our greek mythology.

i’ve got a nice plan, packets of seeds and garden materials ready to construct once the weather is done doing its thing. i’m sending out some earthy vibes hoping this little garden of ours comes to fruition and helps us on the way to meeting some zero waste goals for the year.

 photo E42239C0-5394-4551-B6DC-7C82891AE0F1-26121-00001D5328153D2F_zps1cfbe9e0.jpg photo 91157FE8-D436-4B35-8D56-E645D19CB0AB-26121-00001D533E5BD3D1_zps1992416d.jpg photo 19EC2BF3-6993-4F6A-96C6-28899B83747F-26121-00001D5348CB3A35_zpsf5f15755.jpg photo DBBD6EFC-7539-4F69-B6BD-550F59A6FCA6-26121-00001D5357D19D80_zpsca9f91c3.jpg

1. yeah child labor!  2. repurposed egg trays  3. finally getting to use my cute herb spoons my SIL gifted me years ago  4. a nice little variety of plants, herbs and flowers on that tray.