photo 0B3D0E3B-0885-4C9A-A273-9D941BA132F6-4622-0000048842C1F853_zps9ab1dfce.jpg photo 2A12100E-3927-4583-ACD4-651681078A05-4622-0000048852FFB9DC_zps339970e9.jpg

thank goodness for some sunshine and slightly warmer temps yesterday. we climbed trees and swinged, swanged, swung. all the kids were ravenous for the open space and fresh air at the playground.

later in the day our burkeybuns crew came over for a mardi gras dance party.

it was a great day. spring is around the corner, folks. just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins.



playing along again with Mary Catherine’s photo exercise. my senses were very pleased this week. i have doubles of a couple categories:

 photo 1F63235B-4749-4EC8-B792-9B583B510815-1615-000001295DAEA281.jpg ceiling photo ceiling_zps0f5e4d8d.jpg


1}  that weird way plastic gloves feel really good and really gross at the same time. and the correlating feeling of accomplishment when the dishes are done and the stink sink has been scrubbed. 2}  the feeling of laying down in bed for the night and just staring up at the ceiling. ahhhh.

 photo 89A76234-DFCB-44B3-A1A8-3E4AB4F9F0A0-1490-000000F73459CA3D.jpg omellette photo omellette_zpsf83af2f1.jpg


1} thursday was darla’s turn to bring snack at school. we made something especially scrumptious since it was her birthday treat. my trick is: if you like your cookies to be a little moist and soft in the center always bake them in a muffin pan. they turn out thick and moist. ughhh, just typed the word moist twice. a third time! dislike! dislike!   2} my daughter has a more refined taste palette than i. this is her portobello, spinach and goat cheese omelette – on a plate that i made in 1988 as the plate specifically states. i have to admit, the leftovers she didn’t finish were delicious.

 photo 0C5347FD-AA09-4A4E-8402-59297F862898-1615-000001296B8FD98C.jpg


the sight of darla reading poetry books on a sunny afternoon. so she told me they were spell books but whatever. in a way, she’s right. bewitch her with your words, mr. whitman.

records photo records_zpsd3b2fab6.jpg
 photo F7FBBB83-1E4F-4CB7-BF89-47C7C38C81ED-1439-000000F2351E135A.jpg


 1} hubster’s music collection. if you’re a regular reader you know we’ve been having lots of dance parties lately thanks to a mirror ball addition to our living room. it’s hard for me to determine if i like the daytime, sunlit parties or the nighttime, disco shine parties better. eff it. they’re both my favorite.  2} our new organ. darla has been happily playing away daily on the newest furniture addition to our already crowded house. i have to admit that i wasn’t too happy when this showed up – since i wasn’t consulted – but i had to let it go and accept that everything can’t be my way. darla loves it and that’s all that matters. besides, i wouldn’t want to deny the world it’s next papa garth because of my silly ideas of room flow.

 photo B748997F-02DE-41BB-9E67-E3CC2CC8F26A-1439-000000F24195E9FC.jpg


the smell of the cookies baking was a savior. see, i’ve been making a lot of meals with various beans and legumes lately and this house has been in need of some aromatherapy, if you catch my drift. pun! flatulence pun!

that’s all i got. thanks for checking in to see how my senses did this week. and now for a special announcement: i’m sending you lots of positive energy for a fulfilling and restful weekend. be excellent. all of you.


i am playing along with the weekly senses photo feature from Mary Catherine’s blog this week.

i am a dreamer. i think big and dream bigger. the problem with this is that i find myself not being satisfied in whatever moment i’m in. i’m living in the future or the past too much. i feel that focusing on this photo exercise put some perspective in my day: if i’m experiencing something nice pertaining to all 5 of my senses in one day then i’m doing alright. i have it pretty good no matter what my ambitions are telling me. I was able to find all these little gratitudes in a span of about 60 minutes:

grapefruit photo grapefruit_zpsd885f04a.jpgstock photo stock_zpsf0e4c686.jpg


i’ve been making more of an effort to thoroughly use our fruits and veggies before tossing in the compost. the smell of grapefruit after scrubbing the sink with the leftover peel and the smell of fresh veggie stock helped me connect to our blessings in the nourishment department. (yeah, the pot boiled over. so much for the morning stove wipedown.)

cream photo cream_zps3c5e1a4e.jpg


darla and i have a little ritual of scooping out the cream from the top of our freshly opened milk jugs. we get them every other week so it’s a treat to each have a spoonful once in a while. the taste of this week’s spoonful helped me connect to this small part of our life that i hope darla will remember when she is older. just she and her mama sharing fresh cream and feeling it’s a treat every single time.

feel photo feel_zpsefdfdb01.jpg


a touch of warmth is back in the sunshine. so that means it is real sunshine now. the kind that you can feel warm your skin. you can see my pasty white skin drinking in the vitamin d. the feeling of warmth connected me to the promise of springtime and brighter days to come.

cookie snatcher photo cookiesnatcher_zps01d529ef.jpg


the fiendish look of accomplishment my girl makes when she’s sneaked a treat. it’s impossible for me to be irked by her cookiesnatching ways. the sight of this smile makes me grateful time and again.


this one was a given. mike won tickets to Father John Misty & The Walkmen this week. it has been quite a drought since my last concert so i was feeling very thankful to get back to some live music. also, i am grateful to have a husband that has calling in to radio stations to win tickets down to a science. i missed most of father john misty due to a birthworkers meeting but made it just in time for 2 of my favorite songs so it was ok. have a listen to my fave above.

that’s all friends. hope you continue to have a grand weekend!!!! xoxoxoxo