this has been our new reading spot this week. i know it’s pretty lame to share this but i’ve been loving it. the weather has been so perfect and darla shares my enthusiasm for creating a special little reading nook. it’s been a good way to distract her from computer/tv options and make a quiet afternoon snuggle down seem fresh again.





also in recent news…darla’s now into barrettes!

i was pretty thankful for this weekend. in conjunction with some gorgeous weather, i felt able to let in a lot of peace and bring back some self-focus.

i feel poised for the week to come. this week will include the closing of one chapter of life and a west coast reunion. i am thankful for events this past weekend that have left me feeling prepared and centered for both these upcoming events.

i look forward to sharing with you this week. thanks for stopping by and good luck with your own s’ennight endeavors.



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