daily moment

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my vain daily moment was the arrival of my new fall floppy. it was instant love. expect to see lots of fall/winter photos of me in a capped head. yay for not dealing with hairstyles for the entirety for winter. i’m kidding. i think…

but my serious daily moment would have to be this:

the german shepherd had his head out the back window. his ears blew back in the breeze as he gripped his tennis ball in his mouth. this car was in front of me in the left lane, the only other car on a usually busy road. suddenly the ball dropped from the dog’s mouth and bounced, bounced, bounced down the road towards my car and sped under as i passed over top. i watched it continue to bounce in the rearview until i turned the corner. the dog turned back and watched the ball bounce away, never taking his eyes off it. and in that moment i felt so despondent. i couldn’t decide who i pitied more: the ball that would end up gutter trash, or the dog who clearly just lost a dear possession from a moment of relaxation brought on by pure bliss. and here i was, worrying about being 4 minutes late when animals were losing precious items with no way to call out “hey! hey! stop the car! go back! i dropped my favorite ball.”  there are more important things in life than time.

but in my defense, who would want to be late to that shop! look at how lovely the place is and how nice my new floppy looks in that beautiful mirror. can’t stay deep for to long. my need to surface to shallower waters is strong in this post.


daily moment

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i have a pumpkin eater. i don’t think we’ll be putting her in any pumpkin shells though.

this was the first time darla has carved a pumpkin for artistic purposes. we have painted them in previous years. this year we did the normal routine. she chose a bat as her design and hubster helped with the artwork.

she told me the other day that she’s a magical kid. i think i believe her. she makes any activity magical for me.

i love her.

daily moment

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listen everyone, we spent the entire day at the audubon park yesterday and it was glorious. i took a ton of photos that you may choose to endure at a later date this week. but my daily moment from yesterday would have to be when darla told me she wanted to attempt to jump rope at the top of the water tower. sure. why not? why not learn to skip rope 100 feet in the air?

you can judge from that first photo that she wasn’t really successful in getting that timing down. but you can judge from that second photo that she really couldn’t have cared less. she was having a great time.

and so was i.

thank you so so so much to the higher power out there that gave me this life, filled with these daily moments.