daily moment

 photo 336628DE-BAA5-427C-BA31-CCFD6291ACA5-33379-00001E0625F5FB52_zps0fb14b8f.jpg photo 78A69E6D-DE65-42FF-90F8-9FA00623C1E3-33379-00001E062010B9D1_zps6dfd2efe.jpg photo 47019D84-E1C6-4E38-8051-963907D151D9-33379-00001E0618779FCE_zps5610cbf6.jpg

tree climbing with friends. i think those tree climbing years are about to be upon us and i couldn’t be happier about it.





this week brought us a 50 degree temperature spread, the end of a school year and once again, big hair.

besides that we had some other doings, the details that make up our week:

 photo 9A823084-5A8E-4ABA-9372-712DDCE8CBA4-13645-00000EA64DC3C301_zps18d7c236.jpg photo AEDA374C-57D8-4A42-97C5-AC6850D87ECB-13645-00000EA5EAD9C8C0_zps6c176123.jpg

 photo 823CE0B0-583B-44A6-B86D-B0607D4B2839-13645-00000EA5B3D608EF_zps2b3363f1.jpg photo 94D7E83C-7F80-408E-AB22-656BFDDDF7A7-13645-00000EA6BA6269CF_zps3a7de9ad.jpg photo FB607205-0251-47DE-A305-4704AB01BEB2-13645-00000EA6D9C65AEE_zps1560673d.jpg photo C891320B-AE0E-41A0-B467-DD77C541C0AC-13645-00000EA54BC44880_zpsa2b98787.jpg

1. lunch date  2. a partner hike up and down the hill  3. lots of bike rides  4. pancakes with strawberry milk, strawberries and peanut butter chips  5. go fish in the park {which darla does not understand the concept of keeping her cards a secret  6. and lastly some water colors on the porch in her tutu and leotard.

hope you liked some of our happy moments from the week. have a good weekend. wruckers send their best.

tiny author

darla and mike set to writing darla’s first short story yesterday. here’s what she came up with:

 photo 606EF8B2-AEA6-453A-BB8B-96126A26B2BB-11505-00000D43FC7A23E6_zpsecbdcb7e.jpg

“let’s make cupcakes & cookies and let’s make everything sweet and do it good. we have to do it because we’re soooo lucky and write a picture of my brother, luke skywalker.”


yesterday was a reminder of how lucky we are to have such great friends and family. a small group helped us celebrate darla’s birthday. a large group helped us celebrate from afar by sending messages and well wishes, gifts & cards. thanks to you all.

here’s just a bit of our donut + coffee + cupcake decorating party. it took hardly any time to set up, even less to clean up and we listened to the first lady of country while we tore down. i’m never doing another veggie tray again. it’s coffee and donut birthday parties from here on out. until darla’s old enough to roller skate, that is. then….ohhhh then…let’s just say there will be some roller rink parties in our future. candy kiss photo candykiss_zpse930d69a.jpg

 photo 4CB71870-9B74-43D5-9F56-08E726F49619-3758-0000031F5040C8F7.jpg

 photo 6A9B19C6-2E70-40F5-A7D7-1F62C6325209-3758-0000031F2063887A.jpg

tammy photo tammy_zpsaa8bb726.jpg

baby shower

and the nostalgia keeps rolling out. today i’m filing through pics from our baby shower, back before we knew she was a darla and we called her Sprout. it was a very happy, wonderful evening and i’m missing every single person who was there RIGHT THIS MOMENT.


2056_546401081087_472_nbelly art photo bellyart_zps88dd05ee.jpgbelly drag queen photo bellydragqueen_zpse5db6b25.jpg

friends, do you remember this night? i still crack up looking through these belly art pics. i forgot that the more people drank the more “drag queen” my belly baby became. i’m ok with it. i think these belly drawings helped ensure darla was born a girl. or maybe we all just knew. or maybe all my girlfriends, myself included, were really hoping we’d have a little girl.  also, i’m just now remembering someone drew cat whiskers on her. this explains why darla pretends to be a cat ALL THE TIME. this belly art magic is powerful stuff.

just wanted to say, thank you again to everyone for being there for us 4 years ago!

now can some of you start having babies so i can be there and draw on your belly?