my life as a 3-year-old

i’ve been looking forward to this exercise all week. darla’s predictions for her 5th year of life are making me a little apprehensive:

My life as a 3-year-old

 photo 9F2D3126-059A-4087-8166-E60A8EF651BB-3098-000002886F66F472.jpg

“a rollercoaster.”  i concur.

My life as a 4-year-old photo AE5E8297-AC29-4CC9-8535-913885C60283-3098-000002887738BF3A.jpg

“i will be a monster, a rollercoaster and i will put a picture in a frame.”



2 thoughts on “my life as a 3-year-old

  1. Happy Birthday to Darla! I’ve been thinking of her this week…. I always do around my birthday with hers being so close. Hope her fourth birthday has been incredible! Please give her a hug from us and tell your aunt that we said Hi! I had the pleasure of caring for her in the hospital last week before we left for vacation…. she is such a sweetheart! You and Darla look JUST like her Elaine! I’m sure you’ve heard that before. :)

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