father daughter snuggle time
coffee dates family breakfast
music history lesson
 richard buckner living room show
tea & scones patti smith & gremlins
baby booties

these are the moments i want to remember. i fear i give moments like these too little importance in my mind. it’s hard when so much of life seems to be planned around big events, get-togethers and commitments, which have their rightful place in life. but i am in love with the moments like these from our weekend:

like remembering that husband is my daughter’s chosen companion in the early morning hours. making coffee and breakfast for my family during our weekend mornings. darla receiving a music history / art history lesson over the breakfast table. listening to one of my favorite voices in the world in a friends living room. seeing richard buckner’s living room show this weekend was a highlight {if you have a chance to go to a living room show at some point, please do}. going on a tea & scones relaxation date when we were feeling squirrely {she} and unsatisfied with productivity at home {me}. husbeau gifting us with patti smith’s easter and singing along with darla, who had been listening to gremlins on her player earlier. but my most cherished moments of the weekend were going through saved baby items and uncovering little pieces of the past. like those boots. gawwww. i’m tearing up over here writing and thinking of how big my little girl is but one time, long ago, she stomped around in these when she first got to stompin.’  and now i’m going to put another baby in them.

life just kills me with the small moments. thanks for taking in these ones that mean so much to me.

*hope you had a wonderful weekend. wishing you a stellar week*


“my house felt chunky”

the air felt smooth and warm. the smell of frankincense was heavy in the air. the house rang with the clear notes of the bell. i walked in a line with 4 women and 3 children exploring each corner in the house. my intention was clear in my mind. i asked, as we moved from room to room, that every good memory be sealed up in the hearts of all that had been there. i asked that any bad energy flow from the house and dissipate. i asked for peace and serenity within those walls for all that would come after.

this was my first experience with cleansing a house. please don’t confuse this with cleaning a house and get grossed out by that last sentence. this was a cleansing. it was entirely different.

the energy cleansing of our dear friends’ house was an amazing experience. i kept looking at our little ones, as they had their energy cleansed, and sent up little prayers to please let them remember this experience always. they were so tuned in and curious during parts of the ceremony and i hope it will make a lasting memory for each of them. so many memories are within those walls. many of them already forgotten by the kiddos.

i felt so fortunate and honored to be a part of such an occasion.

it is weird to have such an emotional connection to a house that was not even your own.

but then again, if you’re doing it right your home will feel like home to everyone who enters and these people definitely do it right.

i watched kiddos grow from babies to toddlers to kindergarteners in that house. there’s a magic there for me that cannot be described. and now our friends have moved on, really, officially. while they still owned the house it was easy to pretend that someday they would be back but it is permanent now. they have moved on and i am still here, stagnant.

when the ceremony began the house felt different. the consistency of the air felt patchy, fluctuating from cold to hot. meg summed it up post-cleansing: “my house felt chunky.” it was crazy to feel the transformation that took place with the energy inside the house. you may not believe, and that’s alright. you don’t have to.

i’m so thankful for the experience, the friendship, the memories, the ways people and life continue to expand my consciousness of the world around me. it’s sealed up in my heart now in a way that it wasn’t before.

thank you, friends.

porch portraits

the unseasonably warm weather has allowed for a good dose of outdoor activity this week. tonight darla enthusiastically pulled all the stuff out on to the porch for a reading pallet, happy to know this activity will continue, and i iSnapped these shots:

 photo 3A011638-90FE-40B7-97AE-9BE32012CA1A-37652-000025B767E4BADD_zps51bacd43.jpg

 photo EBFA589D-3EE6-492B-A010-E49660C844D7-37652-000025B7AD56D23E_zpsc418d0c3.jpg photo CCDD1F2C-B128-4353-85BF-EABFEC95579C-37652-000025B78C84049F_zpsd32a0c7d.jpg

something about these shots just speaks volumes to me about her little personhood. she was pretty engrossed in her play so maybe that’s why i feel so much of her presence in them, especially the last one. hair curled wild, stick thrust out yelling some command at an imaginary adversary. i’ll be glad to remember her this way.

 photo 91B4644F-D6F0-4F82-9983-666D2C93CD94-37652-000025B7A0A52CA2_zps196f7e0c.jpg

^^^And sometimes i even make it in a photo too^^^


preginauguaration photo preginauguaration_zps4ff41dd6.jpg

i meant to share yesterday when this was more culturally relevant but i’m slow. you will have to accept it at a less culturally relevant level.

i am pictured above with 2 of my favorite people in the world. the one standing next to me is my cosmic cousin friend. the one in my belly is my baby girl. i was a weepy mess yesterday watching the inauguration footage, thinking about hauling my pregnant self down to the mall to watch president obama sworn in the first time. i can’t believe it was 4 years ago…AND i still can’t believe i braved that choas a week before she was born. i will forever be thankful to those friends that helped me accomplish such a feat. i will also forever be thankful to those friends who got me into a pizza joint immediately following. momma was hungry!

i know this trip down memory lane will occur for me with each inauguration. it’s part of the reason i was set on braving the elements and the crowds 4 hence. i wanted to be a part of something historical for my own selfish reasons and for darla. and don’t think i wasn’t secretly trying to will myself into labor because then darla could have been a historical birth. like a woodstock baby! only colder temps and a smaller population of people in attendance on drugs.

at any rate, i just wanted to reminisce. there’s going to be a lot of that in the next few days to come.

thanks for taking this trip with me.