we had a birthday celebration yesterday. can you tell which one of us was excited about it? jump

i really wish that pic had turned out clearer bc it was pretty great. darla was leaping over mike’s legs when we told her we’d do a backwards dinner: dessert first, dinner second. somehow, this worked. she ate more dinner than normal. but, i don’t think we’ll make it a regular thing.

a la mode

we had brownie rocky road a la mode.

darla and i gifted mike a custom, handmade leather belt fashioned by our friend, lance. it’s super sweet. so if anyone needs any leather work done…well, i know a guy.


happy birthday to all the december babies young and old :)


bed time

darla had a less than stellar bedtime tonight. one in which i probably could have been a little more patient and kinder.


my client has messaged me that she’s having signs that baby might be on it’s way soon. now i am heading into a guilt spiral thinking about my first night cuddling darla almost 4 years ago annnnnnnnd i’m wrestling with the urge to bring her into my bed. the fact that i might be absent from her day tomorrow is leaning me towards yes on this one.

either way i’m going to bed. good night!


things darla has said today:

“mom, can you help me with this? i’m not competent of this.”


“mom, these cookies you made make me dizzy with deliciousness. did you put magic in them?”

i can assure you they were not *magic* cookies of one kind or another.

and just a few more pics of us from the last few days because you can never get enough of us.

or can you?


ps. i just love the lighting this time of year, don’t you?


snaps of our week and gratitude with attitude:

family voter's breakfastvotingmoustache house wild hairshadowreadingbitez

listy listy of my gratefulness. this week i’m thankful for:

1. a family that still has fun even after 2 1/2 hrs of waiting in line

 2. warm, portable voter’s breakfast and a voting location within walking distance

3. thankful for the voting process and for being an ohio voter for the first time. i’m pretty much hooked. that swing state suspense is killer!

4. thankful for walks with my girl past “the moustache house”

5. my girl’s wild hair

6. sunny & warm fall afternoons at the playground and shadows that make me look like a MO-del

7. daddy daughter reading time

8. and again, this girl. if there’s any questions as to why….just check out that face ONE MORE TIME.

wishing you all a happy weekend.


no matter what happens tomorrow i’m glad i was there for this.wawwyjay z obamawawwy

and i’m glad i was with these two line buddies. darla was a real trooper. i mean it. we were there from 11 in the morning until 5 and she was great. she got a little bored during the boss’s slower songs so she started playing games on my phone. as soon as jay z started she just handed my phone back to me without even so much as breaking gaze of the stage and stared transfixed. so maybe she’s into hip hop. she a fly girl. she a j-lo.

just now during bedtime routine, i asked her what she thought of the rally and she said “oh it was great. it smelled like popcorn and the nerds you brought were yummy.” soooo maybe she didn’t really get that much out of it…but she told me she really liked the parts where she got to yell with everyone. that’s enough for me.

happy voting tomorrow, everyone!

ps. here was my main reference point for the day to darla. i may rely on an american tail as a teaching source just a little too much:

obligatory vote post


darla and i had fun with this chalk mural outside the wexner center today. we jumped from star to star all the way up to the door. we were attending a leibovitz event (post and pics tomorrow). i hope everyone is ready to cast your vote on tuesday. we’ll be vying for a spot to get into the big rally here in columbus tomorrow. i really want to give darla that experience. i was 9 1/2 months pregnant, waddling along with hundreds of thousands on The Mall during Obama’s inauguration. i’ll always feel that small connection to the beginning of her life and transport myself back to the excitement of that time in my life come every election.

she’ll grow up and form her own opinions and my only wish is that i do right by her giving her the tools to be firmly invested in her own convictions. i hope involving her from a young age might help her to be connected to her rights as a voter. and i hope you will be too.

remember, votes are like assholes…everybody only has one!

the thing about acorns is…


yeah, this patience thing is one i’m meditating on A LOT lately. this illustration spoke to me from one of darla’s library books, Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature, so i thought i would share it. i’m constantly reminding myself that it takes time for our seeds to come to fruition.

i’m always eager to see the results of work and effort and have a hard time remembering that everything happens in its own time. i can get disproportionately discouraged by minor setbacks.

what do you do when you need to conjure up a little more patience? please fill me in. i need all the help i can get!

a wonder wander




i much prefer a nice stroll in the woods over any other activity with my girl. after a picnic lunch at their pondside wildlife observation deck we took our apples and went for a walk in sodalis nature park.

i love the way her imagination has the freedom to expand when there are few parameters. we walked along the trail, singing various songs, clearing sticks off the trail and using the sticks to build various projects darla dreamed up. i loved watching her excitement as she found red leaves and exclaimed “i found the first leaf of autumn!” or when she found large rocks to climb and jump off.

i’m looking forward to a whole season of these nature walks.


i don’t know if you know this but we take darla to a lot of fairs. A LOT. she’s met more carnies than a ummm person who meets a lot of carnies.

well, anyway, i took darla to a carnival yesterday. more on that event later but i wanted to share some photos from our buzzker visit at the beginning of the month. see here’s my thought process: carnivals + left coast = buzzker visit memories:

lucky for us, we live right across the street from the park where the annual neighborhood carnival is held. we took the girls over for some fun when darla’s best friend, elsa, visited a few weeks back.

Photobucket Photobucket

1. ready to ride  2. big girls riding the big slide  3. the lamest carnival ride ever  4. seriously the lamest but they both loved it  5. gerbilz  6. father + daughter barrel spin  7. i asked her to stand next to buckey and this is what i got.

we really miss you friends! we’re so thankful our gals got to spend two days together riding that bath tub ride. seriously? what was the attraction there? they rode it like 5 times!