yesterday was a reminder of how lucky we are to have such great friends and family. a small group helped us celebrate darla’s birthday. a large group helped us celebrate from afar by sending messages and well wishes, gifts & cards. thanks to you all.

here’s just a bit of our donut + coffee + cupcake decorating party. it took hardly any time to set up, even less to clean up and we listened to the first lady of country while we tore down. i’m never doing another veggie tray again. it’s coffee and donut birthday parties from here on out. until darla’s old enough to roller skate, that is. then….ohhhh then…let’s just say there will be some roller rink parties in our future. candy kiss photo candykiss_zpse930d69a.jpg

 photo 4CB71870-9B74-43D5-9F56-08E726F49619-3758-0000031F5040C8F7.jpg

 photo 6A9B19C6-2E70-40F5-A7D7-1F62C6325209-3758-0000031F2063887A.jpg

tammy photo tammy_zpsaa8bb726.jpg

celebrating birthday number 29

birthday celebrations were pretty much everything i wanted.

a day at the beach, sun, girls chasing seagulls…ya know…everything a lady hopes to come true on her last birthday in her 20s.






the day ended with dinner with a wonderful group of friends. perfectly perfect.

oh yeah, there was this: