baby shower

and the nostalgia keeps rolling out. today i’m filing through pics from our baby shower, back before we knew she was a darla and we called her Sprout. it was a very happy, wonderful evening and i’m missing every single person who was there RIGHT THIS MOMENT.


2056_546401081087_472_nbelly art photo bellyart_zps88dd05ee.jpgbelly drag queen photo bellydragqueen_zpse5db6b25.jpg

friends, do you remember this night? i still crack up looking through these belly art pics. i forgot that the more people drank the more “drag queen” my belly baby became. i’m ok with it. i think these belly drawings helped ensure darla was born a girl. or maybe we all just knew. or maybe all my girlfriends, myself included, were really hoping we’d have a little girl.  also, i’m just now remembering someone drew cat whiskers on her. this explains why darla pretends to be a cat ALL THE TIME. this belly art magic is powerful stuff.

just wanted to say, thank you again to everyone for being there for us 4 years ago!

now can some of you start having babies so i can be there and draw on your belly?


11 thoughts on “baby shower

  1. When I look at these pictures and think about others taken that night I am so greatful for those folks who were with you that weekend. And so thankful that Mike came home earlier than anticipated due date. Maybe it was all the fun you all were having that lured her out just hours after this event. But I often think about how close you came to being without anyone at your side when she was born due to her early arrival. This makes me happy that your final weekend was one of joy and camraderie. I also appreciate so much that the following week these ladies and gents tromped through snow to hospital to visit and brought you food and in Martina’s case helped Mike out during your trip back to hospital next weekend. It was traumatic for me to be so far from you and unable to lend assist that week in snowbound Indiana and I am FOREVER greatful for your DC pals that week that they supported you and Mike and Darla. AND seeing you laughing and the crazy drawing on your tummy nearly makes me cry with joy. Thanks everyone for being family for Elaine during her last weekend of pregnancy and her first several weeks of motherhood.

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