friday foto

documenting this photo of darla here on the blog.

FB-darla_9542thanks for capturing this shot, Allison. i think her spirit really comes through in this one.

photo by my friend, Allison, of Allison Rocks Photography


more snaps

and here are are two shots that illustrate perfectly why we chose to have our photos taken at spoonful. spoonful records is beautiful, funky, well organized and beautiful. did i already say that? i guess what i mean is that it is evident he took time to design a space that would highlight some of the more artistic design elements that go along with music. admittedly, it’s fun to dig through some bins in a dingy record shop but spoonful provides a nice alternative with being able to view the album art gallery style. many thanks to brett for letting us invade his space.

mike loves this last photo. he says if there’s one thing he can teach darla it’s how to flip through the racks at a record shop.

that’s all for now.

photos by claudia retter of aion arts


we finally paid attention to getting our christmas cards ordered. they’ll now become new year’s cards. sorry. but i’m sure none of you expected me to be on time about it anyway.

i’m excited to share some images that claudia took that didn’t make the cut. they’re all so great but, alas, alack, alapeanutbuttersandwiches, there is only so much space on a card.

but there’s la la la la lot lot lots LOTS of space on the internet.

just look at this spicy peanut contemplating how she’s gonna get one of those outta the machine and into her mouth. ooohhhh she’s got her ways.

spoiling the christmas surprise

i had planned on keeping this a surprise but i’m way, WAY too excited about what claudia has posted so far to keep mum any longer. we’ll just consider it another sneak peek.

here’s claudia’s work on our family christmas photo session thus far. she was pretty much the bees knees. i look forward to posting more of her work and more about spoonful records at a later date.

friday reads

just some things i’ve been loving on the internet lately:

this is my new internet crack addiction. i get my fix of picturesque new england scenes and secretly (now not-so-secretly) concoct plans of tricking my parents into retiring in maine, my cousin to move back to maine, and my husbeau and girlie to migrate there and live out some new england fantasy life. we shall see.

beautiful breastfeeding portrait as seen on


it’s not that i like this next post but i’m glad more information is getting out about this. it was hard to toss all the lotion and baby wash that we received for baby shower in the recycle bin but i blamed myself for not having read the information sooner to have informed our shower attendees that we would be using only organic baby products. if you have any pregnant or newly parenting friends please have them do more research on their baby products. they can start with this article.

this new site by anthropologie has me itching to create and leave a beautiful mark on the world. please go to the anthropologist and be inspired. this is the story of artist Jim Denevan working in Siberia. photos on the site are breathtaking. the installment about PE Guerin was fascinating as well. Jim’s vid-yo below.

my personal fave of these was this one about Phillip Toledano. it’s about his baby girl and becoming a father. i like his honesty and, of course, his artistic eye. i mean, putting your screaming baby’s face on a plate is pretty hilarious.

and lastly, i don’t care about kim’s divorce. i don’t care that she even got married in the first place. her marriage does not define mine so i’m not going to get all up in arms as a married person. BUT i hope it will bring some attention to loving couples who do deserve their married rights. the pics of love and devotion in this article are something to which we should all aspire. oh, and our senses of humor should aspire to this.

ps. i’ve really been digging this blog too.


what blogs do you love? leave them in the comments. i’m craving new inspirations and informations.

let’s reminisce. shall we?

approximately a year ago, my lovely, talented long time friend and indianapolis based photographer, jamie wolma, turned her lens on my little girl. let’s look back a year, hmmm?

because i love both versions

now two things are coming to mind. the first being that i need to again thank my mother for setting up the shoot with jamie. second, i need to schedule a follow up shoot with jamie to document the growth this little bean sprout has done this past year. maybe a whole new tutu will be involved….

ok, a third thought is floating to the surface. right after this shoot mike and i headed to bloomington to join up with my cousin and saw a raucous GBV show at the bluebird. we also had an extremely delicious meal at FARM. ’twas a good night. october 2010 was a banner month. really. just the best.