this week brought us a 50 degree temperature spread, the end of a school year and once again, big hair.

besides that we had some other doings, the details that make up our week:

 photo 9A823084-5A8E-4ABA-9372-712DDCE8CBA4-13645-00000EA64DC3C301_zps18d7c236.jpg photo AEDA374C-57D8-4A42-97C5-AC6850D87ECB-13645-00000EA5EAD9C8C0_zps6c176123.jpg

 photo 823CE0B0-583B-44A6-B86D-B0607D4B2839-13645-00000EA5B3D608EF_zps2b3363f1.jpg photo 94D7E83C-7F80-408E-AB22-656BFDDDF7A7-13645-00000EA6BA6269CF_zps3a7de9ad.jpg photo FB607205-0251-47DE-A305-4704AB01BEB2-13645-00000EA6D9C65AEE_zps1560673d.jpg photo C891320B-AE0E-41A0-B467-DD77C541C0AC-13645-00000EA54BC44880_zpsa2b98787.jpg

1. lunch date  2. a partner hike up and down the hill  3. lots of bike rides  4. pancakes with strawberry milk, strawberries and peanut butter chips  5. go fish in the park {which darla does not understand the concept of keeping her cards a secret  6. and lastly some water colors on the porch in her tutu and leotard.

hope you liked some of our happy moments from the week. have a good weekend. wruckers send their best.


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