bump day: family edition

i enlisted the help of my family for this week’s bump day post.

i’ve gazed upon the freckle constellations of this belly now for months and thought it would be fun to have darla and mike take this belly swell on as an art project. so together, darla and mike mapped out a picture from these here abdominal spots:

 darla and belly  belly butterflybabybelly art

it was at this point that darla decided she wanted in on the belly art and asked for a “baby monarch butterfly.” She wasn’t very happy when she realized mike had given her what she asked for and what she asked for was a caterpillar. mike finished the job and she and i had a good time strutting our matching belly art for the rest of the night.

 darla belly art double belly butterfly mother + daughter belly art

i love my growing family and i love this growing belly. this week has given me the desire to get darla in on the belly face action that was started at our baby shower for her. i’d love to let her take a crack at drawing her prediction of baby brother or baby sister on my midsection.

i wonder if her version would turn out better or worse than the collaboration of a room full of drunken adults…

{ps. her baby shower still remains one of my favorite nights of life ever. sending love to all the wonderful humans who were present that day. ♡♡♡ }


baby shower

and the nostalgia keeps rolling out. today i’m filing through pics from our baby shower, back before we knew she was a darla and we called her Sprout. it was a very happy, wonderful evening and i’m missing every single person who was there RIGHT THIS MOMENT.


2056_546401081087_472_nbelly art photo bellyart_zps88dd05ee.jpgbelly drag queen photo bellydragqueen_zpse5db6b25.jpg

friends, do you remember this night? i still crack up looking through these belly art pics. i forgot that the more people drank the more “drag queen” my belly baby became. i’m ok with it. i think these belly drawings helped ensure darla was born a girl. or maybe we all just knew. or maybe all my girlfriends, myself included, were really hoping we’d have a little girl.  also, i’m just now remembering someone drew cat whiskers on her. this explains why darla pretends to be a cat ALL THE TIME. this belly art magic is powerful stuff.

just wanted to say, thank you again to everyone for being there for us 4 years ago!

now can some of you start having babies so i can be there and draw on your belly?