bump day

baby belly pic

it’s a birthday baby bump post today. it’s hard for me to believe that the body holding that baby is 31 years old. i never thought i would get old.  the 30s are a weird decade where sometimes i feel much, much older than my years only to follow it up with feelings of eternal youth the next day.

anyway, i’ve enjoyed a day of rainy solitude for my 31st birthday. husbeau left me cinnamon rolls for breakfast and i’ve been catching up on household projects, rest and online work that was all put on the back burner during 6 long days of workshops and learning for my ventures into postpartum doula work and childbirth education. there’s a lot to unpack in this brain. i feel like i have a 50 item laundry list of things i want to get started on asap to further my career in birthwork.

but in the middle of it all, i’ve made sure to stop and spend time with this belly. i cannot believe it will be only a few short months before i meet the little person inside there.



midwife bag

my MANA prize package came yesterday. Woot Woot! lots of good stuff in there that made me very stoked. I’m looking forward to adding some of these to my doula bag. i haven’t watched Penny Simkin’s Comfort Measures for Childbirth since my training weekend so i’ve got some new and old study materials to visit. I’m very thankful to MANA for holding such a great giveaway and thankful to the universe that i was the recipient.