last week i…

did some things that were NOT birthday related.


we finally got the girl out of the house more. we ended up at firefly one day and it turns out firefly now has sing-a-longs. it was great fun watching the kiddos jump in front of the microphone. here’s darla’s turn, where she stood in front of the mic and looked proud but did not sing one syllable of the song. maybe she’ll get it the next time….


did some puzzles, mostly by myself. darla does not like puzzles for some reason. she likes dumping them, turning them over and sorting but not putting them back together. more for me i guess.


i found the perfect set of sheets for the tent bed at salvation army. i tried to encourage a tea party in said tent but, alas, that required too much sitting still in one spot for my girl.


i got darla a shake on her last day of being 2. just because.


triple reused brown bags to celebrate aunt colleen’s birthday. these bags were from our take out lunch, turned art project for daddy + darla, turned last minute wrapping paper idea for auntie’s 30th birthday gifts. after that we were satisfied with tossing in the recycling bin.

and that’s a wrap on last week. bye!


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