a brush with bacterial meningitis

it seems that in addition to sense of humor, complexion, facial expressions, hair color and basic bone structure, cousin and i share an acute case of hypochondriasis. don’t be alarmed. it wasn’t a real brush with meningitis. probably just allergies. but anything is possible when you have a bag of hot apples in your kitchen and have been laughing way too much for three days.

my cousin always lifts my spirits and makes me feel like anything is possible. i joke with her that the reason i like hanging out with her is we’re the same person and since i’m incredibly self-centered i really like being with another me. the truth is she’s a way cooler and more talented “me” and i feed off of that. it inspires me. beyond that she was very helpful with the practical stuff this weekend and didn’t flinch when darla went animalistic, biting furniture, etc. i’m already looking forward to our next visit. thank you cousinfriend!

photo info: 1. cousin’s room awaits her  2. cousin helps out with naptime storyland  3 & 4. dress up at funky & functional  5 & 6. darla and henry discover corn in the foddershocks 7. my schnoze 8. darla stealing fun 9. mother daughter matching 10. darla rides a barreltrain 11 & 12. pumpkin patching 13. darla and adam find a worm 14. cousin race 15. henry finds the great pumpkin 16. adam and darla picking apples 17 & 18. cousin bridget’s art lessons. 19. “painting is good arting, mom” 20. darla’s pallette  21. mommy’s bad at everything  22. can you guess whose is whose?  23. bobbing for apples is way hard b/c laughing underwater is never portrayed in disney movies  24. we call this “stolen apple pie”  25. roasted butternut squash  26 & 27. back to the groovy spoon for farewells.

on a further note, we did a loose P day. whoa that sounds wrong. anyways, we covered P a bit with pumpkin patch, apple picking, painting, apple pie and patience! i think we’ll need a remedial session though as i was a bit distracted and trying to be a social butterfly.


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