spring chicken (or hey, i’m 30 now)

 photo 06CEE9BA-BB36-40FF-A32A-44C8C5E28584-32340-000021D9A3CC48B3_zpsf0556ff9.jpg


Happy Birthday to me!

Sometimes, when you’re feeling a little down because you’re turning 30, life says ‘hush, babychild. here are a pair of cute, inexpensive slip-ons in your size in the girls’ section. it’s all gonna be ok.’

So, this is a sign that 30 can’t be all that bad, right? right?


3 thoughts on “spring chicken (or hey, i’m 30 now)

  1. Happy birthday! And cute shoes. :-) What could possibly be bad about turning 30? Is Darla back yet? We must do that firefly play date soon. I have a *birthday present* for you!!!

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