daily moment

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optical hopscotch.

caption courtesy of my husband. and guided by voices.


birthday buddies

i’m sure everyone remembers that we love to hit up pumpkin patches with these folks. we got to spend yesterday celebrating the birthday of our very best buddy and my favorite little guy at schacht’s family farm. can you believe how big these kids have grown?


birthday party


trunk party


these last two are my favorites. they were hissing like snakes and then laughing at how they amused themselves. these kiddos have their own inside jokes now. we’re slowly approaching the age when parents will be outsiders. i’m ok with that. especially if it means their bond will grow stronger. they’ve acted a bit more like twins in the past, but lately there’s been a whole lot of love.

happy 4th birthday burkeybuns! we love you.

let’s reminisce. shall we?

approximately a year ago, my lovely, talented long time friend and indianapolis based photographer, jamie wolma, turned her lens on my little girl. let’s look back a year, hmmm?

because i love both versions

now two things are coming to mind. the first being that i need to again thank my mother for setting up the shoot with jamie. second, i need to schedule a follow up shoot with jamie to document the growth this little bean sprout has done this past year. maybe a whole new tutu will be involved….

ok, a third thought is floating to the surface. right after this shoot mike and i headed to bloomington to join up with my cousin and saw a raucous GBV show at the bluebird. we also had an extremely delicious meal at FARM. ’twas a good night. october 2010 was a banner month. really. just the best.