photo BE155D58-9449-4944-AA75-515B4D28B12F-16337-00000A594724DEF3_zps41f2545a.jpg  photo 71383EA5-DF3C-4C74-B40F-04CBF96BFF40-16337-00000A593D74650C_zps4134b113.jpg photo 53D0420A-7AC8-4251-BA67-EFA6BF75CF34-16337-00000A591E05A4F8_zps70fea8c4.jpg photo 3409959E-96B4-413B-82ED-E2DFC6928349-16337-00000A5926BFF247_zpsf986b9a4.jpg photo A334BE26-3045-4AE5-86E2-A049975B21C1-16337-00000A58FE077BE1_zpsde224ac9.jpg

i can only hope that darla’s last few weeks of life as an only child will be much like this past weekend which was pretty close to perfection. we packed it in with that beautiful weather going on.  and for me, i hope these last few weeks will contain more donuts like the salty caramel one i picked up at the farmer’s market.

i want to put down here for darla, in the event that she ever read this blog {good luck friend}, that she is an incredibly lucky girl to have a father like mike. he’s been putting in long hours and days at work but is never short on energy or attention for d when he returns home. i keep waiting for the bottom to drop out but he consistently pulls more energy out of thin air to take darla out to the park, or errands, or to a social gathering after coming home thusly giving me a much-needed break or to high-five while i head off to work or commitments with clients. i’m so grateful for that and i hope that one day, darla will be too.  and i also hope that energy holds out when we have a second child taking up residence in our lives.

we’re all making it through somehow, huh?

and also, there was nelsonville music festival…which is deserving of its own post. so that’s coming sometime. you can look forward to seeing pics of me dressed as a watermelon!

* i hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start*



memorial parade

candy stash darla toss

yay for long weekends! you would think this would be an extra long weekend post since we had an extra long weekend but, no. i tried to keep off my phone as much as possible and be in the moment. our weekend was packed and good and sunny and warm and all the things a good memorial day weekend should be.

thank you blessed universe.

*i hope you had a good one, too.*



 darla coffee date morning snuggle festweekend belly

before i jump in to talking about myself, let’s talk about you. how was your weekend? was it a good one? i hope so.

we experienced a nice midwestern weekend here. our time was spent soaking in things like farmer’s market visits, mother + daughter coffee dates, yard work, snuggle fests on our one morning together as a fam and rain. we soaked in lots of rain. and a visit from grandparents. isn’t it grand when ordinary life moments come together so nicely? my parents and my husband helped me catch up on rest. this bump is really wearing me out these days. i’m crossing my fingers for nicer weather this week so we can get outside and run off excess energy {for darla, not me. the only thing i have an excess of is a need for sitting down}.

and hair! i have an excess of hair. which brings me to the next development of this blog…

lustrous pregnancy hair

the next few months are going to be a celebration of voluminous hair. i’m going to enjoy this until this baby is born and my hormones shift back and all this hair falls out. i’m living in a hair dream right now and i’m gonna talk about it, dammit.

*my hair and i are sending you our best for a superb week. we hope you see some sunshine*


 jeni's ice cream date
darla dressdarla came hometo me, from meto me, from mikemother's day brunchbrunch disheshandmade cards planting a garden glitter garden fairy garden


i wish i could bring these pictures into a proper narrative portraying how lovely mother’s day weekend came together for us over here. i can’t though. to put it simply; my girl came home and my parents came with her. love and appreciation abounded. group projects were finished up. i received handmade goodness from both mike and darla, along with some vinyl and other small items. i even gifted myself with a pair of earrings and a keychain that i’ve been coveting from the shop. my parents helped us finish putting in gardens. darla planted a butterfly and fairy garden complete with glitter. mike and i teamed up for mother’s day brunch. it was a string of simple accomplishments that pulled together in one nice package. i feel good about heading forward into the future as a family of four with these people at my back. my parents, mike and darla are truly an incredible support team.

and i guess if i had to put everything under one umbrella i could pull this all together with the saying “momma gets what momma wants.”  i’m glad i can say that knowing that it has no negative connotation. everything from the first photo to the last speaks to me about the learning curve i’ve passed through about being an active participant in my own happiness, about celebrating myself and my motherhood, about saying yes to myself sometimes and for asking for what i want from the universe unabashedly because in the end the things i want are small but meaningful.

i wanted an ice cream sundae so i got it. i wanted that white dress for my girl so i got it. i wanted my parents to visit and help put in a garden this year because i knew i would need help and it would be meaningful to me for it to be something we all did together. so i asked for that. i wanted two small, inexpensive items to celebrate my own motherhood this year so i got them without shame. because i did that i was able to let go and appreciate my gifts from others at a deeper level. i wanted to have mother’s day celebration at our house so i asked for help with that. i wanted a nice balance of being honored for the day but also continuing to do the things i do that support my family. i wanted darla to have her own garden space so i asked for that too and then i helped her carry out her own wishes for the space that was now hers.

i’ve learned that i don’t need to hide my wants and desires from this world. i don’t want for grand things. if i did that would be ok, too. but i don’t need to be a martyr in my own life. it’s ok for me to ask for the small things. i know enough about myself to feel secure in saying that i would be happy even if these things didn’t come to pass but being an active participant in voicing my desires to the universe has made a big difference in my life. sometimes life calls for pulling up your britches and putting yourself to work for what you want. other times it calls for reaching out and asking of others. i feel that for most of my life i’ve flip-flopped from one side to the other, either relying on myself too much or relying on others. this may be the first time in my life, or at least a very long time, that i’ve felt a good balance between self-reliance and outside help. it leaves me feeling so much more whole.

and i thank my family for that gift of wholeness. it was truly a wonderful mother’s day.


 father daughter snuggle time
coffee dates family breakfast
music history lesson
 richard buckner living room show
tea & scones patti smith & gremlins
baby booties

these are the moments i want to remember. i fear i give moments like these too little importance in my mind. it’s hard when so much of life seems to be planned around big events, get-togethers and commitments, which have their rightful place in life. but i am in love with the moments like these from our weekend:

like remembering that husband is my daughter’s chosen companion in the early morning hours. making coffee and breakfast for my family during our weekend mornings. darla receiving a music history / art history lesson over the breakfast table. listening to one of my favorite voices in the world in a friends living room. seeing richard buckner’s living room show this weekend was a highlight {if you have a chance to go to a living room show at some point, please do}. going on a tea & scones relaxation date when we were feeling squirrely {she} and unsatisfied with productivity at home {me}. husbeau gifting us with patti smith’s easter and singing along with darla, who had been listening to gremlins on her player earlier. but my most cherished moments of the weekend were going through saved baby items and uncovering little pieces of the past. like those boots. gawwww. i’m tearing up over here writing and thinking of how big my little girl is but one time, long ago, she stomped around in these when she first got to stompin.’  and now i’m going to put another baby in them.

life just kills me with the small moments. thanks for taking in these ones that mean so much to me.

*hope you had a wonderful weekend. wishing you a stellar week*


father + daughter record store day

spoonful records kiddie t-shirt

easter let down

 egg hunt

cousin in my kitchen


these pictures don’t really convey what a busy but lovely weekend we had. i’m starting to get to that point of feeling like i need to lay down for a nap every couple of hours and it feels like there’s still such a long time to go with this pregnancy. husbeau worked lots and we all enjoyed record store day very much, him most of all. very little time was spent in our own home over the weekend so i’m looking forward to being a bit of a homebody for the next couple days.

^^^ hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend ^^^


 photo 183E8552-5F0A-4F75-A1E9-28B490B0729F-1918-000000E054EE6502_zpsd8d27a46.jpg photo 1003A5FF-2590-4193-9743-6E6E124B0AC8-1918-000000E03EF65BFD_zps6635e6ba.jpg

 photo 3173CAC2-984E-478A-972B-DA22857C6406-1918-000000E044AEDD91_zpsc907ce9b.jpg

 photo 68EF98D8-6CC0-4BCD-84D3-F83811448D36-1918-000000E04F263B92_zpsa8f38631.jpg

some moments from the weekend: i enjoyed the view of sunshine and husbeau’s handywork, ate a perfect avocado, went on a hike with friends and darla ran around in short sleeves yesterday! can you believe it? these photos serve as proof we’re inching closer to warmer days.

and speaking of warmer days i saw a little saying on the internet this week that i’d like to include on this space of mine:

the first person to complain about how hot it is this summer is getting thunder-punched in the throat.

mmkay. hope you had a great weekend!