jeni's ice cream date
darla dressdarla came hometo me, from meto me, from mikemother's day brunchbrunch disheshandmade cards planting a garden glitter garden fairy garden


i wish i could bring these pictures into a proper narrative portraying how lovely mother’s day weekend came together for us over here. i can’t though. to put it simply; my girl came home and my parents came with her. love and appreciation abounded. group projects were finished up. i received handmade goodness from both mike and darla, along with some vinyl and other small items. i even gifted myself with a pair of earrings and a keychain that i’ve been coveting from the shop. my parents helped us finish putting in gardens. darla planted a butterfly and fairy garden complete with glitter. mike and i teamed up for mother’s day brunch. it was a string of simple accomplishments that pulled together in one nice package. i feel good about heading forward into the future as a family of four with these people at my back. my parents, mike and darla are truly an incredible support team.

and i guess if i had to put everything under one umbrella i could pull this all together with the saying “momma gets what momma wants.”  i’m glad i can say that knowing that it has no negative connotation. everything from the first photo to the last speaks to me about the learning curve i’ve passed through about being an active participant in my own happiness, about celebrating myself and my motherhood, about saying yes to myself sometimes and for asking for what i want from the universe unabashedly because in the end the things i want are small but meaningful.

i wanted an ice cream sundae so i got it. i wanted that white dress for my girl so i got it. i wanted my parents to visit and help put in a garden this year because i knew i would need help and it would be meaningful to me for it to be something we all did together. so i asked for that. i wanted two small, inexpensive items to celebrate my own motherhood this year so i got them without shame. because i did that i was able to let go and appreciate my gifts from others at a deeper level. i wanted to have mother’s day celebration at our house so i asked for help with that. i wanted a nice balance of being honored for the day but also continuing to do the things i do that support my family. i wanted darla to have her own garden space so i asked for that too and then i helped her carry out her own wishes for the space that was now hers.

i’ve learned that i don’t need to hide my wants and desires from this world. i don’t want for grand things. if i did that would be ok, too. but i don’t need to be a martyr in my own life. it’s ok for me to ask for the small things. i know enough about myself to feel secure in saying that i would be happy even if these things didn’t come to pass but being an active participant in voicing my desires to the universe has made a big difference in my life. sometimes life calls for pulling up your britches and putting yourself to work for what you want. other times it calls for reaching out and asking of others. i feel that for most of my life i’ve flip-flopped from one side to the other, either relying on myself too much or relying on others. this may be the first time in my life, or at least a very long time, that i’ve felt a good balance between self-reliance and outside help. it leaves me feeling so much more whole.

and i thank my family for that gift of wholeness. it was truly a wonderful mother’s day.



 father daughter snuggle time
coffee dates family breakfast
music history lesson
 richard buckner living room show
tea & scones patti smith & gremlins
baby booties

these are the moments i want to remember. i fear i give moments like these too little importance in my mind. it’s hard when so much of life seems to be planned around big events, get-togethers and commitments, which have their rightful place in life. but i am in love with the moments like these from our weekend:

like remembering that husband is my daughter’s chosen companion in the early morning hours. making coffee and breakfast for my family during our weekend mornings. darla receiving a music history / art history lesson over the breakfast table. listening to one of my favorite voices in the world in a friends living room. seeing richard buckner’s living room show this weekend was a highlight {if you have a chance to go to a living room show at some point, please do}. going on a tea & scones relaxation date when we were feeling squirrely {she} and unsatisfied with productivity at home {me}. husbeau gifting us with patti smith’s easter and singing along with darla, who had been listening to gremlins on her player earlier. but my most cherished moments of the weekend were going through saved baby items and uncovering little pieces of the past. like those boots. gawwww. i’m tearing up over here writing and thinking of how big my little girl is but one time, long ago, she stomped around in these when she first got to stompin.’  and now i’m going to put another baby in them.

life just kills me with the small moments. thanks for taking in these ones that mean so much to me.

*hope you had a wonderful weekend. wishing you a stellar week*


father + daughter record store day

spoonful records kiddie t-shirt

easter let down

 egg hunt

cousin in my kitchen


these pictures don’t really convey what a busy but lovely weekend we had. i’m starting to get to that point of feeling like i need to lay down for a nap every couple of hours and it feels like there’s still such a long time to go with this pregnancy. husbeau worked lots and we all enjoyed record store day very much, him most of all. very little time was spent in our own home over the weekend so i’m looking forward to being a bit of a homebody for the next couple days.

^^^ hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend ^^^


 photo 183E8552-5F0A-4F75-A1E9-28B490B0729F-1918-000000E054EE6502_zpsd8d27a46.jpg photo 1003A5FF-2590-4193-9743-6E6E124B0AC8-1918-000000E03EF65BFD_zps6635e6ba.jpg

 photo 3173CAC2-984E-478A-972B-DA22857C6406-1918-000000E044AEDD91_zpsc907ce9b.jpg

 photo 68EF98D8-6CC0-4BCD-84D3-F83811448D36-1918-000000E04F263B92_zpsa8f38631.jpg

some moments from the weekend: i enjoyed the view of sunshine and husbeau’s handywork, ate a perfect avocado, went on a hike with friends and darla ran around in short sleeves yesterday! can you believe it? these photos serve as proof we’re inching closer to warmer days.

and speaking of warmer days i saw a little saying on the internet this week that i’d like to include on this space of mine:

the first person to complain about how hot it is this summer is getting thunder-punched in the throat.

mmkay. hope you had a great weekend!


 photo 7B1F2D6A-EE39-41E3-B714-08D833E193F3-2285-000001F722E45209_zps26daccf9.jpg photo 6B89B3DE-A292-4865-BDA1-B6C1957CFD4E-2356-0000022E86514BFA_zpse802385a.jpg photo 88E2C01D-148D-4F66-B6F6-28249A609584-2285-000001F745CC04A1_zpscaef588f.jpg photo 1B140897-3C51-44EE-A8E5-AFFEC0CA374E-2285-000001F74C278617_zps863bb95f.jpg photo 7A6ED7BA-A467-4DFF-B665-D7F8EF6EDDE7-2285-000001F751FD90A7_zps445d2af1.jpg photo 59B50B91-4E2F-4E8C-92F5-6AF0F78883F8-2285-000001F73C1A1EB6_zps5fca3bf2.jpg photo 2AF073A5-CD15-4858-9A7C-E8244846CAC8-2285-000001F75660DE8F_zps69ea2634.jpg photo F9B5F4C2-9BE2-4BF9-8DCC-A7FA94C580F2-2285-000001F75B3AAC9D_zps70d4afa1.jpg photo 1C84C603-508A-4E0D-9887-3CF264A3F0C7-2356-0000022E8B5EA8C8_zps033decf8.jpg photo A8D8F2BB-0500-4C49-8B12-F89B655A41D8-2285-000001F75F9DBE5A_zps02fccf17.jpg photo 283F6CE7-4DAA-4BEE-8E92-C07EAEAE2182-2356-0000022E757921CC_zps4742cbb9.jpg photo 8FA943E7-8E0E-4D79-B8E9-BDAB23E90CF8-2356-0000022E82685ACD_zps55df3c6d.jpg photo 9C5019E5-E51C-44F9-9A73-A334DE1AFDC0-2356-0000022E7EBD9189_zpsaa870d5a.jpg photo F8F98FF9-34E6-46EC-B18B-7C21E7AA5B35-2356-0000022E7B2D0E0A_zpsc4e6926f.jpg

we made it. it was a whirlwind trip of driving 10 hrs friday and then again sunday. things were hairy for a bit but mostly it was a great, grand adventure.

see i have this theory about arkansas. my theory is that it’s the first state people forget is part of the united states. when people heard i was going to a wedding in arkansas most said “ooooohhhh yeah, arkansas. it exists!” ok, not really but that’s what i read from facial expressions and body language. but i was very pleasantly surprised by the town of hot springs where we spent the weekend for my baby cousin’s wedding.

this weekend i hiked a mountain in my boots and lipstick because i felt like it. i touched the dreamy, warm mineral waters in hot springs national park. i spent time chasing peacocks with my darla in a park that felt like i was visiting the elvish realms of middle earth. i visted with family. i hope you can tell by my writing how much i enjoyed these novel experiences.

in the name of transparency i’m going to put it out there that darla gave me a real run for my money this weekend. i don’t think you’re supposed to travel while mercury is in retrograde. i don’t think you’re supposed to travel with a willful 4.5 year old while mercury is in retrograde anyway. communicating with darla was difficult at times. bedtimes were late, candy and sweets were plentiful and well, it was travel, so those were all things throwing my little girl for a loop. the majority of the time she was sweet and loving but then something would come along and send her into a funk. i felt like i was living in a nursery rhyme: there was a little girl, who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead…

i’m not sure if i handled things well most of the time. in fact i know i didn’t handle things well at certain times. darla is almost 5 years old and i feel like i should have some concrete answers on how i should handle situations with her but i am still at a loss. is it like this always? like until they’re 18 and fly off on their own?

i also have to admit that this trip rekindled my desire to be a rubbertramp. plans and schemes have been forming in my head about spending months on the road, discovering places just like hot springs. there is so much of america i have yet to see and i’d really like to have a road adventure with my family.

maybe some day you’ll be reading a blog post about that ;-)

weekending 43

 photo B048C89F-EF6B-49A0-82B3-17DC544F1A98-23718-000010D24F6E08B2_zps30f7c5b2.jpg photo 10C7DE7B-5C33-4570-A6AC-5AB99361C457-23718-000010D24AFC6DEB_zpsd731c702.jpg photo 57C8F68C-B75C-47B6-B837-0A715B8FA13C-23718-000010D246E61793_zps69c77694.jpg

alright, can we just pause here before we move on to the rest of the pictures to recognize how utterly “big-kid” like this little girl of mine is getting to be. her best friend turned 5 this week and her younger cousin turned 4 which means that everything is speeding by way too fast and i want to figure out how to put these kids in one of those little terrariums that you wear around your neck so they can stay small and safe forever. that’s normal, right?

she’s busting out her big girl moves all over the place these days and while I AM SAD, i’m also happy for her too. she’s just truly amazing. i spend a good chunk of time lately feeling completely unworthy of the companionship of such a lovely little person. she’s still wild as can be but there are times like tonight when she looks at her dad before bed and books and says “i think you and i need some time apart” in the most grown-up voice and it sleighs me. i had to hide my face under the cover so she couldn’t see my laughter, not because i don’t want to encourage her but because i want her to feel free to behave that way again.

and then part of me is afraid i’m losing that wild, uninhibited little girl. i spend a lot of time trying to teach manners and social boundaries but now that they’re sinking in i’m wondering if i really want those things to go away.

gawwwhhh parenting!!!


 photo C2B71B90-A71B-4E1E-A33B-D07789000C0B-23718-000010D23E57E4BC_zps02634ee0.jpg

^^^ getting help from dad during craft time ^^^

 photo 0371C339-C743-4741-A627-C905135C50AE-23704-000010CF9413E804_zps6fc8f295.jpg photo F358E652-FD7C-4AA3-868E-7C94703745D7-23718-000010D242D58C8A_zps34748aef.jpg

and then there are times like this last picture that i’m pretty sure i don’t have to worry so much about those idiosyncrasies disappearing just yet. this was taken at darla’s last dance class. this session was her first time taking dance at the community center and it went over pretty well. i have to say i don’t think we could have found a more perfect atmosphere for her. i love that the girls can wear whatever they want and even bring their teddy bears out on the floor with them. i love that she is free in these classes. i love that she is learning that dancing is fun, above all else. lessons should not be work at this age. they should be fun. and that is exactly what the community center has delivered to us every time. i’m so thankful to them and look forward to signing darla up for a few things this winter.

thanks for letting me share those bits of our weekend. hope yours was grand and i hope you got to put a donut in your face.

weekending 42

20131019-215847.jpg photo 3BD99D0D-0AEA-4AD3-8E47-F05D99EAE23D-15962-00000B88BD26C994_zps16f0d713.jpg photo C41021AF-7E62-4603-A684-F2D602C3E9DE-15579-00000B404E8AE5D7_zpsef8d0a39.jpg photo 20BC6C1A-E7CD-4F7C-A76B-42FF88BC83A1-15962-00000B88B91D6566_zpsed6f331b.jpg photo E7C2A738-FB95-40EB-B2DB-1050DDA5CD68-15962-00000B88AD8C39E4_zpsada91415.jpg photo 2FA7DFF1-AF49-4A89-9BC5-D20F86A09D95-15962-00000B88B0F2FD80_zpsdd5efeec.jpg photo 58A648A4-3FBC-49C5-A65D-64E7947F722E-15962-00000B88C1304F1C_zpsc16995c7.jpg photo C6FFFA45-D9F6-42E8-9228-B1181590A749-16617-00000BF4CEF68042_zpscddb14f1.jpg photo 26CB3085-3186-4FEA-A058-6E99BF21764A-16617-00000BF54B185985_zps99694a2c.jpg photo 747E3D45-7D8C-4A31-B0C7-5972324B1172-17547-00000C65A1C65C0E_zps0272a9d8.jpg

it’s boot weather. this weekend was very much out and about. friday is looking to be our family day this fall. we braved the homecoming crowd to take in the blues for smoke exhibit in the afternoon. this was a precursor to our friend’s performance there friday evening with Lonnie Holley. Both performances blew my mind but Lonnie gave me a new catch phrase that’s been stuck in my head: thumbs up to mother universe.

between the two wexner events we walked past a new little donut spot {literally named the little donut shop} and had to stop in for some tasty maple bacon goodness. mike got a samoa and darla got her standard sprinkles special. those last two pics are us as cheerleaders for the columbus marathon. this was my first time as a spectator at a marathon and it was more inspiring and entertaining than i thought it would be. that might be due to the pair of sideliners dressed up in the horse mask, followed by his friend clapping cups behind him up and down the road. it was fun to cheer on the runners.

i guess this is the only time of year we visit the wexner center since the last time we went was about a year ago. it’s a great way for me to make observations about darla’s cognitive progress, though. last year she didn’t really want anything to do with looking at the exhibit. this year she was just really motivated to look at only the things she wanted to take in, which is pretty wonderful in my book. no standardized tests needed here!

but it does make it a bit hard for mike and i to have a personal experience. luckily, the wexner offers free tours on thursdays so we can return again at a later date.

but what i mainly want to say about life thoughts from the weekend is how thankful i am to have this little family that runs around getting involved in so much life. i can let myself get pretty stressed out at times about the fact that laundry piles up, dishes don’t get done and there never seems to be enough time to clean up all the messes. and then i remember that’s a sign that i’m living my life. i’m not simply maintaining it. a clean house is life management, not life. we get out there. that may be our strongest area as parents up until this point, we get darla out for experiences. she’s done a lot in these short years. she’s learned to be the master of her own universe. she’s learned to seek out life. and for that i’m thankful.


our weekend looks a lot like just darla’s weekend in pictures. let’s be honest, we’re really just along for the ride here. we returned to sweaters with some fall-ish weather these past few days. it’s welcome, i can tell you that. the weekend was mostly uneventful which was also welcome.

we went on walks with very interesting clothing choices.

darla attended her very first ever dance class.

we listened to Happy Together by the Turtles on repeat because it’s someone’s favorite current song {so long video killed the radio star} and a very nice father found a 45 of it as a gift.

we built tent forts in the back yard and

made the first apple crisp of fall.

 photo 0BE5ADA6-BB0A-4CAA-B9F6-F8238852A700-19336-00000F17EE72EC89_zps6ff7acce.jpg photo 3FE5EA57-ED9D-4AE0-9FC9-426C0180ECDA-19336-00000F17FA267E4F_zps71ed0082.jpg photo 4EFA7F2F-90EA-4573-9635-4648D1B7E1FE-19336-00000F17FE8E064C_zps937c496e.jpg photo 35D2F818-36D5-48BB-8741-0EF7D4B2ABDA-19336-00000F1802D54F9F_zps56c41697.jpg photo CE1B3902-9E53-49AA-B5C1-374193AECAE4-19336-00000F1808BFC0B1_zps5006b9ae.jpg photo 538E6156-094E-4975-9E1F-404681A5BF15-19336-00000F18102766B2_zps599dd794.jpg

i’m looking forward to these fall weekends. hope you had a nice cool-off and enjoyed your weekend.