weekending 43

 photo B048C89F-EF6B-49A0-82B3-17DC544F1A98-23718-000010D24F6E08B2_zps30f7c5b2.jpg photo 10C7DE7B-5C33-4570-A6AC-5AB99361C457-23718-000010D24AFC6DEB_zpsd731c702.jpg photo 57C8F68C-B75C-47B6-B837-0A715B8FA13C-23718-000010D246E61793_zps69c77694.jpg

alright, can we just pause here before we move on to the rest of the pictures to recognize how utterly “big-kid” like this little girl of mine is getting to be. her best friend turned 5 this week and her younger cousin turned 4 which means that everything is speeding by way too fast and i want to figure out how to put these kids in one of those little terrariums that you wear around your neck so they can stay small and safe forever. that’s normal, right?

she’s busting out her big girl moves all over the place these days and while I AM SAD, i’m also happy for her too. she’s just truly amazing. i spend a good chunk of time lately feeling completely unworthy of the companionship of such a lovely little person. she’s still wild as can be but there are times like tonight when she looks at her dad before bed and books and says “i think you and i need some time apart” in the most grown-up voice and it sleighs me. i had to hide my face under the cover so she couldn’t see my laughter, not because i don’t want to encourage her but because i want her to feel free to behave that way again.

and then part of me is afraid i’m losing that wild, uninhibited little girl. i spend a lot of time trying to teach manners and social boundaries but now that they’re sinking in i’m wondering if i really want those things to go away.

gawwwhhh parenting!!!


 photo C2B71B90-A71B-4E1E-A33B-D07789000C0B-23718-000010D23E57E4BC_zps02634ee0.jpg

^^^ getting help from dad during craft time ^^^

 photo 0371C339-C743-4741-A627-C905135C50AE-23704-000010CF9413E804_zps6fc8f295.jpg photo F358E652-FD7C-4AA3-868E-7C94703745D7-23718-000010D242D58C8A_zps34748aef.jpg

and then there are times like this last picture that i’m pretty sure i don’t have to worry so much about those idiosyncrasies disappearing just yet. this was taken at darla’s last dance class. this session was her first time taking dance at the community center and it went over pretty well. i have to say i don’t think we could have found a more perfect atmosphere for her. i love that the girls can wear whatever they want and even bring their teddy bears out on the floor with them. i love that she is free in these classes. i love that she is learning that dancing is fun, above all else. lessons should not be work at this age. they should be fun. and that is exactly what the community center has delivered to us every time. i’m so thankful to them and look forward to signing darla up for a few things this winter.

thanks for letting me share those bits of our weekend. hope yours was grand and i hope you got to put a donut in your face.