photo 183E8552-5F0A-4F75-A1E9-28B490B0729F-1918-000000E054EE6502_zpsd8d27a46.jpg photo 1003A5FF-2590-4193-9743-6E6E124B0AC8-1918-000000E03EF65BFD_zps6635e6ba.jpg

 photo 3173CAC2-984E-478A-972B-DA22857C6406-1918-000000E044AEDD91_zpsc907ce9b.jpg

 photo 68EF98D8-6CC0-4BCD-84D3-F83811448D36-1918-000000E04F263B92_zpsa8f38631.jpg

some moments from the weekend: i enjoyed the view of sunshine and husbeau’s handywork, ate a perfect avocado, went on a hike with friends and darla ran around in short sleeves yesterday! can you believe it? these photos serve as proof we’re inching closer to warmer days.

and speaking of warmer days i saw a little saying on the internet this week that i’d like to include on this space of mine:

the first person to complain about how hot it is this summer is getting thunder-punched in the throat.

mmkay. hope you had a great weekend!


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