our first weekend home in a while was quite busy but busy is good. the weekend included: momma got her hairz cut, initiation at To Di for Fitness boot camp, lady date to brother’s drake meadery, and here’s darla and i at an annie leibovitz family-friendly event at the wexner center:

duoleibovitz guess whobizacheleibovitz feet

we toured the leibovitz collections. there was much protesting from darla about this. i was pretty bummed because i wanted to check out all the nudie pics. just kidddding. i am sure i will be teasing her about turning up her nose at the most famous american photographer when she’s a know-it-all teen. we played leibovitz guess who and had a portrait of our feet taken in the style of miss annie. i adore it. it’s worth noting that darla does not appear to have the sexton toes.  we finished the day with our first bizache. wowza. i’m in love. the cafe at the wex center is phenomenal.

as great as all these different outings and doings were, my favorite of the weekend was our family trip to the grocery. my family can turn a simple, routine event into a fun fest.

i love them.

hope you had a great one as well. you really deserved it. i don’t know if you know this but…you’re my favorite reader ;-)


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