our weekend looks a lot like just darla’s weekend in pictures. let’s be honest, we’re really just along for the ride here. we returned to sweaters with some fall-ish weather these past few days. it’s welcome, i can tell you that. the weekend was mostly uneventful which was also welcome.

we went on walks with very interesting clothing choices.

darla attended her very first ever dance class.

we listened to Happy Together by the Turtles on repeat because it’s someone’s favorite current song {so long video killed the radio star} and a very nice father found a 45 of it as a gift.

we built tent forts in the back yard and

made the first apple crisp of fall.

 photo 0BE5ADA6-BB0A-4CAA-B9F6-F8238852A700-19336-00000F17EE72EC89_zps6ff7acce.jpg photo 3FE5EA57-ED9D-4AE0-9FC9-426C0180ECDA-19336-00000F17FA267E4F_zps71ed0082.jpg photo 4EFA7F2F-90EA-4573-9635-4648D1B7E1FE-19336-00000F17FE8E064C_zps937c496e.jpg photo 35D2F818-36D5-48BB-8741-0EF7D4B2ABDA-19336-00000F1802D54F9F_zps56c41697.jpg photo CE1B3902-9E53-49AA-B5C1-374193AECAE4-19336-00000F1808BFC0B1_zps5006b9ae.jpg photo 538E6156-094E-4975-9E1F-404681A5BF15-19336-00000F18102766B2_zps599dd794.jpg

i’m looking forward to these fall weekends. hope you had a nice cool-off and enjoyed your weekend.




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