what’s in store

i took darla to her first in store last night to see Dawn Landes at our fave little record shop.  well, let me just give you a shot of the before performance and then i’ll let you all guess how it went:


that’s her second of three cookies – b/c you have to give her all 3 when she marches up to the cookie table and puts her hand on all of them – jones soda not pictured.

all in all, the little lady was a big hit, but the sugar did get ‘er good and i ended up slipping out the back after about the 5th or 6th song. i don’t know which one, i wasn’t able to keep track and that’s why i knew it wasn’t worth hanging around. i wasn’t able to pay attention to Dawn and neither was anyone else.

but at least we tried it.

Ms. Landes made it about 2 steps in the door before darla ran to greet her and talk tamborine.


we got a spot up close at first. darla sat down during the sound check so i thought for a minute that this was gonna be all breezy. but as soon as dawn started strumming darla was on her feet dancing and twirling. it was downright adorable for about 2 1/2 songs. then i decided i needed to migrate her towards the back so that the woman everyone was there to see would be the rightful recipient of all the attention in the room.


well, about 2 minutes of being in the back and darla clung to some guy’s leg and wouldn’t let go for 2 songs. she was a human dryer sheet. can’t say that i blame her because he was pretty easy on the eyes, but that’s when i knew it was time to leave everyone to peacefully ingest the sounds of miss landes music.  AND teach darla the womanly ways of making the guy come to you on our way back out to the car.

it was a pretty big disappointment to have to miss out on the rest of her show. i really liked what i did manage to hear. good thing we have her album.

i’m still pretty glad we went.

Real Estate & Jetpacks

i’ve been lucky enough to get out to see two bands on back to back nights, and do a little adult socializing along the way.

Real Estate:

We Were Promised Jetpacks:

hubster, in other music related news El Jeffe was thinking of you for record store day. this is waiting for you when you get home


dear salty sailor,

i know you are bummed you’ve missed yet another record store day. even though the girl and i were busy on the road and then singing birthday hymns, i think i did you proud.


i stopped in to spoonful on monday and took a gander at brett’s pickin’s. i got us just a few items. admittedly, you would have done a better job but i think i got us some decent additions to this stack of wax.


uncle tupelo record store day release, numero uno rsd release and i also picked up this dawn landes record brett suggested for obvious reasons. he even recognized that the artwork is my style. so far, it’s been pretty nice listening. she’s doing an instore at spoonful on may 5, so if you’re home by then maybe we could take darla to her first instore as a family. whaddya say?

and yes, you may have noticed a little something in there for you. winkety wink wink. go SPEND some time in spoonful. you’ve earned it. i’m sorry we couldn’t be together for your 33 1/3.

looking forward to listening with you.


“hey band, you want an olive?”

i knew there was a reason i bought that sheep coat.

it’s a conversation starter. people like it, comment on it, and touch it. and sometimes… those people are famous. ok, well this one time…monday night.

mike and i have been jonny corndawg fans since we saw him open for deer tick in bloomington, IN almost 3 years ago. so much so that mike donated to his latest kickstarter campaign and that’s how i found myself at rumba cafe to see jonny corndawg and the almond brothers on monday night.

let me just say, it was a real musical treat. i was not previously privy to the sweet sounds of robert ellis‘ music or the boot stompers of shovels and rope but both paired excellently with corndawg.

one of the many reasons i love rumba cafe is that it is small and the performers are pretty much forced to interact with their audience members. this works out well for a girl in a sheepskin coat. i think across the board musicians like fur. so…note to self…

after speaking with several members of said bands throughout the night, i just decided to go for broke. jonny had already agreed to sign a copy of the limited edition 7″ with dawes that i was picking up for michael, so while that was going on i handed my cards out like christmas presents. i simply offered that if they wanted a pancake breakfast i’d be more than happy to provide.

and they took me up on it. geek out! geek out!! geek out!!! so far we know that musicians like fur and pancakes. this is good information people.

so tuesday morning/early afternoon darla and i hosted 6 lovely gentlemen before they took off to pittsburgh. it was one of those intricate dances of gratitude where the fan is thankful for the band and the band is thankful for the fan. i think that can be lost sometimes but music is always at its best when those gratitudes are in harmony, no?

darla was in heaven i.e. hanging on legs, showing people her room and her dance moves, playing dress up. she even asked momma’s help to draw them a heart and cut it out. she colored inside of it and presented it to jonny saying “it’s for all of you to share.” i’ll never forget that pretty much the first thing she said when they came in was “hey band……you want an olive?”  she was eating olives.

i’m going to have some of these pictures printed and kept in my back pocket so that when she is a teenager and claims i am “uncool” i can whip it out and say “no, i let you dress like a flower with bands. i am a cool mom.”

these guys were wonderful guests and are very, VERY deserving of your time and attention. if they are coming through your town please go and see them (and tell them i sentcha.) I really could not express enough how much of a pleasure it was to have them in our home.

Robert Ellis, Jonny Corndawg and the Almond Brothers, thank you for cleaning your plates after you cleaned your plates.

from an adoring fan, we’ll see ya again soon. love from ohio.




ps. check out that glow in the dark t-shirt. pretty rad piece of merch right there. that’s all you, mike wright.


i’m still on a sugar high from the sweetness of Alaina Moore’s vocals. Tennis is pretty much the definition of elaine tucker dancing music. there were lots of brady bunch like moves happening at Radio Radio last night.

and guess who scored a signed set list? those young kids can keep their calm, cool and collected routine. it pays off to hang around stalker style. alaina is a tiny little bird that i wanted to create a nest for in my purse. i’m pretty sure i crushed her hand when i shook it. sorry if that effects the rest of the tour, Alaina!

she also revealed the little known secret that she lived in Marion, Indiana for a while. The crowd gave her a hoosier homecoming without even knowing it.

sharon van awesome

last night, with the help of some wonderful family members who were willing to turn their one child valentine’s eve into a two child affair with a darla sleepover, i celebrated valentine’s day without my salty sailor. i stepped out to view sharon van etten at the wexner center for the last few hours of love’s day. i officially fell in love with sharon.

she’s really the most adorable thing to come along since the opening credits of little house on the prairie. you know, when that littlest one falls down the hill. but i’m talking pre-blind-mary little house. does anyone know if the storyline of mary meeting a blind boy at blind school and them falling in love, marrying and having a non-blind baby was for realsies or just a plot line for ratings? what? no one else was watching syndicated LHotP after school? you were missing out. i have two words for you: Michael Landon.

but i digress.

here this will bring us back to topic. some sharon van viewing for you.

ps. i love that the opening pic on sharon’s website is from the black cat, currently. gawd, i miss that place.

white rabbits

this is a band that deserves more attention.

they put on an excellent show at the newport music hall here in columbus last night. hubster and i got to enjoy our second concert in as many days. oooooohhhh i just love grandparents.

but i miss our girl and i’m glad we are reuniting in only a couple hours. not before i share some music, though.

I was hearing shades of Menomena on a few songs and hubby thinks they are perfectly complimentary to The Walkmen. their percussionist Matthew Clark is one intense, rad dude. i have made an internal promise to go about more things in life with the passion he displays while hittin’ on some toms. he busted some sticks in the process.

mike and i actually met the drummer, Jamie Levinson, after pitchfork two years ago. it was a few weeks before jamie’s wedding and we were like “hey! we’re getting married too!! whooooaaaa!!!” marriage brings so many people together. i’m sure he thought we were nuts. quite right. quite right.

the important thing about the evening is i got several comments on my outfit. yes!!!!!  i think they were sincere too. people love them some olivia newton john. people love my legs in shiny pants. AAANNNDDD people also love the sheep i now wear and call a coat.

anyway, here’s a few viddies:

and my favorite song from last night because it’s about dancing and oh i was dancing:

Woods in the Woods

the last time we saw Woods it was in a park in chicago with 10,000 hipsters.

last night we saw them in the woods. with about 50 hipsters.

we were the oldest people there.

at times i felt like i was babysitting.

but i danced anyway.

and some of them made fun of my dancing.

but i didn’t care bc….

it’s easy to be free at 18.

try being free at 28. ten years later.

i already know some peers that don’t find it easy to let go and dance if they feel like dancing.

so i didn’t let it stop me. and i probably won’t in another ten years. but we’ll just have to wait and see.

but they were probably right and i probably did look pretty silly. but my legs still looked better than at least 88% of the 18 year old crowd. i’m elaine and i love to shake it.

Woods played at the Horn Gallery at Kenyon College which is about an hour north east of columbus. we drove up with our good friends and had a nice night out sans children. the music was superb. and the campus is supposedly one of the prettiest in the country. but i couldn’t confirm that since it was dark.

black angels descend blanketing columbus in flannel

this won’t be a real concert review b/c i can’t tell you the names of the songs they sang or the intricacies of the music they played. i can only tell you there was flannel. seas of flannel.

i really only dig music for one reason alone: to shake my hair and my booty. sometimes in the same direction. sometimes in opposing directions. ahhhhwwww shake it momma.

ok, there is another reason. i like to sing along but that applies to only a certain subset of bands. i sing along in the crowd very loudly and tell myself that i’m actually better than the artist on stage. the black angels does not, however, fall into that category. neither does the dead meadow – the opening band wednesday night. both bands relied heavily on reverb and vocal echoes so i can’t even pretend that i understood any of their songs. very little of the words penetrated the aforementioned shaking of the hair. the black angels did play a song with the words “surf city” in the chorus though. i dug it. really, i enjoyed both bands quite immensely. i’ve seen the black angels at least twice before and had forgotten how good they are. i left feeling like i should follow them and every other band in the world more closely. i need to get back into my music lovership.

for the lack of detail and any actual structure, i can’t really say that i’m writing this for any real music journalist street cred. what i’m really accomplishing is publishing that “HEY, I’M A MOM AND I STILL DO COOL THINGS. I’M A PERSON TOO!” i’m sure some might be out there saying “but, Your Momness, (in my brain you all refer to me as this combination of mom and highness) you just took a 5 day jaunt to california why would you need another reprieve so soon?” well, it’s not my fault that they scheduled this tubular $5 show mere days after my return. sometimes you have to just jump at the opportunities and the offers for babysitting from friends unversed in your child’s demonic behavior. i’ve found that, at least for moi, i really need to keep up with some of my own hobbies and loves and have time out for myself to be a good mom. i’m inferior in the fact that i’m still really selfish with my time and i can’t give it all up to be devoted solely to darla. sometimes i wish i could but truthfully i think it will be in her favor in the end. I want darla to know that she can be a mom and not lose her whole, entire identity. i want her to grow up and say “my mom was an art lover, an avid reader, a music enthusiast and one hell of a booty shaker.”

so i just want to put it out there that if you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, you should know that you can still shake it if you wanna.

this segues into another recent story from my world. on our one night out in california, i was approached by a tall, handsome* **, englishman at a famous dischotheque. he offered to buy me a drink to which i immediately declined politely and told him i am married. his official response was (cue hugh grant accent) “why are you shaking your hair, then.” my response, “i’m married not dead” and excused myself from his presence. soooo, i’m also in favor of the ladies who are nuptually bound to continue shaking it.

i’m just a fan of shaking it! woooo hoooo! yeah! pretty much always have been and always will be. seriously, i was semi-famous for hair shaking in high school. this is my official disclaimer – no matter what other parameters involved in my life i will always and forever be shaking something.

what was this supposed to be about? how did i get onto this soapbox? i need to go focus on a dot on the wall and recenter. thanks for reading.


*dearest michael, he wasn’t really that handsome and the discotheque wasn’t famous. it wasn’t even a discotheque. i have my doubts as to whether he was actually english. maybe welsh. anyways, i was just trying to make you jealous so you’d remember how much you love me all the way over there. awwwwwwww. so sweet.

** he was tall.