dear salty sailor,

i know you are bummed you’ve missed yet another record store day. even though the girl and i were busy on the road and then singing birthday hymns, i think i did you proud.


i stopped in to spoonful on monday and took a gander at brett’s pickin’s. i got us just a few items. admittedly, you would have done a better job but i think i got us some decent additions to this stack of wax.


uncle tupelo record store day release, numero uno rsd release and i also picked up this dawn landes record brett suggested for obvious reasons. he even recognized that the artwork is my style. so far, it’s been pretty nice listening. she’s doing an instore at spoonful on may 5, so if you’re home by then maybe we could take darla to her first instore as a family. whaddya say?

and yes, you may have noticed a little something in there for you. winkety wink wink. go SPEND some time in spoonful. you’ve earned it. i’m sorry we couldn’t be together for your 33 1/3.

looking forward to listening with you.



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