what’s in store

i took darla to her first in store last night to see Dawn Landes at our fave little record shop.  well, let me just give you a shot of the before performance and then i’ll let you all guess how it went:


that’s her second of three cookies – b/c you have to give her all 3 when she marches up to the cookie table and puts her hand on all of them – jones soda not pictured.

all in all, the little lady was a big hit, but the sugar did get ‘er good and i ended up slipping out the back after about the 5th or 6th song. i don’t know which one, i wasn’t able to keep track and that’s why i knew it wasn’t worth hanging around. i wasn’t able to pay attention to Dawn and neither was anyone else.

but at least we tried it.

Ms. Landes made it about 2 steps in the door before darla ran to greet her and talk tamborine.


we got a spot up close at first. darla sat down during the sound check so i thought for a minute that this was gonna be all breezy. but as soon as dawn started strumming darla was on her feet dancing and twirling. it was downright adorable for about 2 1/2 songs. then i decided i needed to migrate her towards the back so that the woman everyone was there to see would be the rightful recipient of all the attention in the room.


well, about 2 minutes of being in the back and darla clung to some guy’s leg and wouldn’t let go for 2 songs. she was a human dryer sheet. can’t say that i blame her because he was pretty easy on the eyes, but that’s when i knew it was time to leave everyone to peacefully ingest the sounds of miss landes music.  AND teach darla the womanly ways of making the guy come to you on our way back out to the car.

it was a pretty big disappointment to have to miss out on the rest of her show. i really liked what i did manage to hear. good thing we have her album.

i’m still pretty glad we went.


One thought on “what’s in store

  1. Maybe its time for career exploration and compare and contrast roles of back up dancer with headliner and she’d adjust her act to enhance rather than distract? In my view she probably enhanced anyway but thats a grandma talkin.

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