sharon van awesome

last night, with the help of some wonderful family members who were willing to turn their one child valentine’s eve into a two child affair with a darla sleepover, i celebrated valentine’s day without my salty sailor. i stepped out to view sharon van etten at the wexner center for the last few hours of love’s day. i officially fell in love with sharon.

she’s really the most adorable thing to come along since the opening credits of little house on the prairie. you know, when that littlest one falls down the hill. but i’m talking pre-blind-mary little house. does anyone know if the storyline of mary meeting a blind boy at blind school and them falling in love, marrying and having a non-blind baby was for realsies or just a plot line for ratings? what? no one else was watching syndicated LHotP after school? you were missing out. i have two words for you: Michael Landon.

but i digress.

here this will bring us back to topic. some sharon van viewing for you.

ps. i love that the opening pic on sharon’s website is from the black cat, currently. gawd, i miss that place.


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