white rabbits

this is a band that deserves more attention.

they put on an excellent show at the newport music hall here in columbus last night. hubster and i got to enjoy our second concert in as many days. oooooohhhh i just love grandparents.

but i miss our girl and i’m glad we are reuniting in only a couple hours. not before i share some music, though.

I was hearing shades of Menomena on a few songs and hubby thinks they are perfectly complimentary to The Walkmen. their percussionist Matthew Clark is one intense, rad dude. i have made an internal promise to go about more things in life with the passion he displays while hittin’ on some toms. he busted some sticks in the process.

mike and i actually met the drummer, Jamie Levinson, after pitchfork two years ago. it was a few weeks before jamie’s wedding and we were like “hey! we’re getting married too!! whooooaaaa!!!” marriage brings so many people together. i’m sure he thought we were nuts. quite right. quite right.

the important thing about the evening is i got several comments on my outfit. yes!!!!!  i think they were sincere too. people love them some olivia newton john. people love my legs in shiny pants. AAANNNDDD people also love the sheep i now wear and call a coat.

anyway, here’s a few viddies:

and my favorite song from last night because it’s about dancing and oh i was dancing:

Seems I don’t have much time to Editorialize

But that’s ok. A photo post is probably just as sufficient and far less annoying than parental boasting. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up to date for Mr. Wright, who is now sailing the Mediterranean for 3 months. We feel sorry for him….