Woods in the Woods

the last time we saw Woods it was in a park in chicago with 10,000 hipsters.

last night we saw them in the woods. with about 50 hipsters.

we were the oldest people there.

at times i felt like i was babysitting.

but i danced anyway.

and some of them made fun of my dancing.

but i didn’t care bc….

it’s easy to be free at 18.

try being free at 28. ten years later.

i already know some peers that don’t find it easy to let go and dance if they feel like dancing.

so i didn’t let it stop me. and i probably won’t in another ten years. but we’ll just have to wait and see.

but they were probably right and i probably did look pretty silly. but my legs still looked better than at least 88% of the 18 year old crowd. i’m elaine and i love to shake it.

Woods played at the Horn Gallery at Kenyon College which is about an hour north east of columbus. we drove up with our good friends and had a nice night out sans children. the music was superb. and the campus is supposedly one of the prettiest in the country. but i couldn’t confirm that since it was dark.


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