“hey band, you want an olive?”

i knew there was a reason i bought that sheep coat.

it’s a conversation starter. people like it, comment on it, and touch it. and sometimes… those people are famous. ok, well this one time…monday night.

mike and i have been jonny corndawg fans since we saw him open for deer tick in bloomington, IN almost 3 years ago. so much so that mike donated to his latest kickstarter campaign and that’s how i found myself at rumba cafe to see jonny corndawg and the almond brothers on monday night.

let me just say, it was a real musical treat. i was not previously privy to the sweet sounds of robert ellis‘ music or the boot stompers of shovels and rope but both paired excellently with corndawg.

one of the many reasons i love rumba cafe is that it is small and the performers are pretty much forced to interact with their audience members. this works out well for a girl in a sheepskin coat. i think across the board musicians like fur. so…note to self…

after speaking with several members of said bands throughout the night, i just decided to go for broke. jonny had already agreed to sign a copy of the limited edition 7″ with dawes that i was picking up for michael, so while that was going on i handed my cards out like christmas presents. i simply offered that if they wanted a pancake breakfast i’d be more than happy to provide.

and they took me up on it. geek out! geek out!! geek out!!! so far we know that musicians like fur and pancakes. this is good information people.

so tuesday morning/early afternoon darla and i hosted 6 lovely gentlemen before they took off to pittsburgh. it was one of those intricate dances of gratitude where the fan is thankful for the band and the band is thankful for the fan. i think that can be lost sometimes but music is always at its best when those gratitudes are in harmony, no?

darla was in heaven i.e. hanging on legs, showing people her room and her dance moves, playing dress up. she even asked momma’s help to draw them a heart and cut it out. she colored inside of it and presented it to jonny saying “it’s for all of you to share.” i’ll never forget that pretty much the first thing she said when they came in was “hey band……you want an olive?”  she was eating olives.

i’m going to have some of these pictures printed and kept in my back pocket so that when she is a teenager and claims i am “uncool” i can whip it out and say “no, i let you dress like a flower with bands. i am a cool mom.”

these guys were wonderful guests and are very, VERY deserving of your time and attention. if they are coming through your town please go and see them (and tell them i sentcha.) I really could not express enough how much of a pleasure it was to have them in our home.

Robert Ellis, Jonny Corndawg and the Almond Brothers, thank you for cleaning your plates after you cleaned your plates.

from an adoring fan, we’ll see ya again soon. love from ohio.




ps. check out that glow in the dark t-shirt. pretty rad piece of merch right there. that’s all you, mike wright.